As a distinguished talent agency in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we work with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies. The main part of our work involves landing the kids, teens and young adults on our books work. However, from time to time, we receive such niche roles that we need to look beyond our books. This could be for real families, older actors, or a child with a very specific look. It could also be for different locations. In these instances, we do an OPEN CALL OUT to see if we can fill the role to perfection. We currently have over 30,000 contacts across all of our social media outlets and email database!

Join our call out list to receive acting and modelling briefs that we are struggling to fill with the talent already on our books! There is no age or location restrictions on this. The call out list is a great option for anyone that isn’t sure if its the career for them, and doesn’t want the commitment of joining an agency. It costs nothing to join, and could help you land that perfect role. Please note: In exchange for finding you the job, we take a 30% commission from your earnings. Just fill in the form below to join our callout list today:

Alternatively, if you want to become part of our agency; get first priority on any work and  have our agents actively looking for work for your child then click here to apply now.