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Casting Directors need to see your child often to get to know them. Networking is just as much a part of this business as being a brilliant and professional performer is and this doesn’t happen overnight. A ‘Look-See’ or audition is the first introductory step to becoming known among Casting Directors, Directors or Producers.

Before your child lands an audition:

  • The Client will look over our Talent photographs and resumes via our website, our comp card directory, casting networks, showcast or 1 of several other ways. They will then give us a Brief, which outlines the qualities they’re looking for. Alternatively they submit the brief and we respond with who we think is best suited for it.

  • Bubblegum will supply the Client with the names and profiles of all suitable Talent. This is often done via email allowing us to send your child’s professional photographs, resume and showreel.

  • The Client may want to see many people even if they only require one or two performers for the job. If your child is chosen, at this point, we contact you to schedule the audition.

If you receive an SMS from us, please contact us straight away. We would really appreciate it if you are contactable at all times as often we only have a short window of time to confirm an audition time with the Client; sometimes this can be less than an hour.

  • ● Castings are generally held during business hours and can take 5 – 10 minutes. The Casting Director may take a photograph and video (chat to camera) of your child to show their Client. From the moment you arrive, you and your child will be observed, so it’s important to act both naturally and professionally. The majority of Casting Directors are located in central areas although job locations are spread across the state, interstate, and even overseas.

  • The Client may request to see your child more than once, which can mean that your child is under serious consideration. Client preferences such as height, voice, ability, or skill (or a combination of any) complete the selection process. Your child may also be required to attend a paid wardrobe call before a decision is made.

Many people like to know why their child isn’t selected for a job; we would love to give you constructive feedback however we rarely receive details about individual castings. Also, as much as it pains us, Bubblegum have no control over who is chosen for a job.


Remember the unemployment rate in the entertainment industry is very high. The best attitude to combat this fact is a positive one; encourage your child to be persistent, not to take things personally, to continue training,

and to enjoy the process and their creativity.

Any frustration and/or aggression geared towards the Bubblegum team over lack of success is shortsighted and unwelcome. No one besides you wants your children to succeed more than Bubblegum staff.

Most important of all… Have fun!


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Comprehensive Guide for Auditioning

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Expectation Handbook

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Information Handbook

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Comprehensive Guide for Modeling

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Comprehensive Guide for Managing Your Child's Career

Comprehensive Guide for Managing Your Child’s Career

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