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After you’ve signed the contract and paid the fee, we will be able to book you in for a photoshoot. Please contact us when you’re ready, so that we can book you in. Keep in

mind that the next photoshoot dates could be booking up fast, but that your contract doesn’t start until the day of the photoshoot.

Check out this video of what a headshot photo shoot day will be like. It took over 500 applications, over 250 interviews and 40ish offers, to sign the 28 amazing kids that were at this shoot. You can never stop looking for the best talent in Australia..

All that work just to get to this point where we can shoot their head shots AND THEN THE REAL WORK BEGINS;

Marketing them, developing them, booking briefs, mentoring… Heartache, headaches, bliss and euphoria!

We have the hardest working talent agents in the country.


Your membership fees include headshots, graphic design, all your set up costs and an admin fee, and we provide the shots to you via digital download.

The photography session we do with you is really strong and includes 1 outfit, maybe a jacket change, 5-6 edited shots and online profiles etc. See Maya for example – really strong shots. This is all included in your fee.

If you have opted for a mini–folio on the other hand additional time with the photographer, 3 outfits and 12-15 edited digital images which we will send through to you. These are more portfolio based and a great option for those models wishing to start building a strong portfolio.


Dress to impress! Please try and pick colours which complement the complexion of your child. We also recommend bringing an extra sweater or jacket to quickly change your look if needed. If you are unsure about what to wear, please bring a couple of options and we will assist you. 

There will be no hair and make up provided, so please come with natural make up and clean well presented hair.


  • No logos or large brand labels
  • No strapless tops
  • No midriff showing
  • No stripes
  • No white or grey 
  • No fake nails, chipped nail polish or fake tan.


To make the process as seamless as possible, on the day of the photoshoot we ask that you:

Arrive on time 

Please ensure that you arrive on time and allow for any unforeseen circumstance like traffic, parking etc. This is good practice for when you start going to castings – If you are late to a casting, you can almost guarantee that your child will not book the job.

Come in prepared and ready to shoot. 

Please come in the outfit you will shoot in and with hair done and natural makeup (over 3s only)

Under 3s 

If your child is under three the process is pretty simple and will take approx 5-15mins. We need to capture their personality and main headshots. As the lights and big room can be a new experience for the little ones parents be ready to improv if your child may not be adapting to the situation, have toys or songs on hand that may bring out the best of their personality. 

Over 3s 

The process will take about 15-20mins. We will start by reviewing your outfit choices and styling your child for the shoot. Please ensure you bring your child in what they intend to wear and have a back up option just in case (the shoot will be one look only).  Once your child is ready to go, they will spend time with the photographer to get their portfolio shots – some will be close up and others full length. Your child will be instructed to do poses on the day, so there is no need for them to feel uncomfortable if this is their first modeling experience. 


Once you or your child has completed the shoot day, we will send all the images off to our graphic designer. You should receive a copy of your images 2 weeks after they are sent to the designer. 

Following this, we will sign you up for the various platforms we use to submit talent for work. You will then receive email notifications from Syngency and Casting Networks, where you will be instructed to update information such as any industry experience, training, physical details etc. You can find out how to do this via the following links Step-by- step guide to Syngency and Step by step guide to Casting Networks.

Once all this is done, we will put your forward for work and let you know if a client is interested.


It takes approximately two weeks to edit the images and to create your online portals on Syngency and Casting Networks. You will receive an email from us with the images, information about next steps and training videos on how to use Syngency and Casting Networks. Shortly after you’ll receive two email notifications, one from Syngency and one from Casting Networks with your login information. If you don’t receive these two emails, please let us know.


You can apply for your child’s TFN and set up a bank account. Please note, that if your child is under 15 years old, you will need to get a paper copy from the post office or news agency. To learn more about why your child needs a TFN and how to do this click here.


On your Syngency and Casting Networks profiles you can update your child’s measurements. Make sure you update both portals. To maximise your child’s potential, be sure to update their profiles at minimum every three months with information such as physical attributes, measurements, skills, work experience (if any) and the dates your child is unavailable for work.

We really can’t stress how important it is to update these two platforms. We have seen too many kids miss out on some great opportunities because of incorrect information or forgetting to let us know that they were either unavailable or back in town from a holiday. We have feedback from the casting directors themselves that they are skipping kids completely for jobs that don’t have these details on their profiles.

We have developed step-by-step instructions on how to update your profiles for both Syngency and Casting Networks, you can view these at the following:

Syngency for Beginners. A Step-by-Step Guide

Casting Networks for Beginners – A Step-by-Step Guide  


Usually the younger the child is, the faster their features and measurements change. After 12 months your child can look much different. The casting directors need to see photos that are as close to reality as we can get. It would be unacceptable to attend an audition looking very different from your headshots. Therefore, we will need to reshoot your child’s headshots after a year.


Yes, you can book a separate editorial photoshoot with our Head of Photography! The headshots you shot today are very strong and serve a different purpose than the editorial shots would. These photoshoots do come at an additional cost, but will help your child with on set (studio) experience with a professional photographer and gives them a well-rounded portfolio.

The editorial sessions are perfect for those looking to get some dedicated experience in front of the camera, create a portfolio to advance their career, and have photos you can treasure and share with friends and family. Our editorial sessions are aimed at aspiring models out there looking to gain some experience with our professional photographer as well as anyone that wants to learn how to pose and express yourself in front of the camera.

The Editorial Photography package includes: 

  • – A 90 minute one-on-one session with a professional photographer
  • – Three distinct looks to build versatility in your portfolio
  • – 25 retouched portfolio ready digital images
  • – Gain experience in studio and on location

    If interested, please enquire with the Head of Photography to book an editorial photoshoot by emailing with an email subject line of ‘Attn: Head of Photography – Re: Editorial Photoshoot Request.’


comprehensive guides auditioning book image

Comprehensive Guide for Auditioning

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Expectation Handbook

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Information Handbook

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Comprehensive Guide for Modeling

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Comprehensive Guide for Managing Your Child's Career

Comprehensive Guide for Managing Your Child’s Career

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