Modelling Workshops

Introductory Modelling Workshops – 90 Minutes

Our Introductory workshops are designed to give an overview of the modelling industry and what to expect when we find great opportunities for you. Aspiring actors and models will build confidence and become industry ready, as our expert coaches impart their wisdom, tricks of the trade and real-life experiences.

Essentials Modelling Workshops – 6 Hours

Our modelling Essentials workshop offers a fantastic opportunity to learn and practice the skills that will give your child the best possible chance to land future castings and ultimately getting booked for the job!

This will be a chance to dive deeper into the world of modelling; spending more time developing your poses, learning the different techniques in catwalk and teaching everything you need to nail your castings. It will be a more personalised and tailored session aimed at those really wanting to branch out into the model world.