Why It Makes Sense to Use an Agency Specializing in Child Talents

By May 21, 2019acting, Models

The world of child modelling and acting can be a confusing place. With jobs to find, auditions to attend, and contracts to negotiate, managing your child’s career is something we don’t suggest you take on all by yourself.

With this in mind, it’s time to choose the right representation for your child, but who do you turn to? There are dozens of talent agencies out there many of which have solid reputations. However, not all agencies are cut from the same mould, and so we highly recommend using an agency specializing in child talents.

Here’s why.

It’s a better experience for your child

Agencies that represent talents across all ages tend to be a little more serious in their approach to the business. With more adults on the books than children, this is perfectly understandable and in no way a poor reflection on the agents who do a great job.

The only problem here is that an environment that is predominantly adult-oriented can be a little intimidating for kids. The offices may be a little less fun to hang out in, and the staff might not be as accommodating to kids (again, through no fault of the people that work there!)

A child talent agency, on the other hand, is geared towards making the entire working experience as pleasant and as much fun as possible for your child. The agents work with children all the time and usually have that friendly disposition that kids love making trips to the agency something that your child will actually look forward to.

There are more opportunities

You might think that an agency specializing in child talents would be a highly competitive environment where opportunities are more limited than an agency with just a few kids on the books. But believe it or not, this is not always the case.

The fact is that a child talent agency is often a casting director or photographer’s first port of call when they are on the lookout for new talent. Industry professionals usually prefer to deal with agents that represent children as it’s not only easier for them but also speeds up the process. Sure, a regular talent agency will be able to put their children forward for jobs, but they may not get wind of the job until it’s too late.

There are better chances for improving skills

Actors and models who want to land a role or a modelling job sometimes require a little training to give themselves the best chance. Talent agencies who represent both adults and children will usually leave this up to the talent to arrange for themselves. If you’re an adult, this is no problem, but for a parent arranging additional training for their child, it can be quite confusing and expensive.

Child talent agencies will often arrange in-house workshops that are specifically designed to help children improve their acting or modelling skills. This means that parents can rest easy knowing that their child is attending a workshop in a familiar environment. This is something that we do here at Bubblegum Casting, and the workshops are always popular with the kids on our books.

Portfolios are so much simpler

A portfolio of great shots highlighting your child’s best attributes is essential, and while your smartphone may have a fantastic camera, casting directors expect to see professionally taken photos.

An agency will be able to recommend a local photographer who specializes in portfolios, but it will be up to you to arrange a time for the shoot. You’ll also have to pay for this and believe us when we say; it’s not cheap.

Most child talent agencies follow this same process of recommending a local photographer, but there are a select few who do things differently. Actually, by a select few, we really mean Bubblegum Casting and what we do differently is shoot your portfolio photos in-house. Better yet, this is part of your welcome package, which means you pay nothing extra for your child’s portfolio. So with us, portfolios really are super simple.  

You can make friends

This is true for parents as much as it is for kids. Signing up with an agency specializing in child talents gives both you and your child the chance to hang out with like-minded souls. You’ll get to chat with other parents who can tell you all about their experiences in the industry while your child can make new friends who are also in the business.

At Bubblegum, we’ve found that parents can be a great help to each other offering both support and advice on things such as preparing for auditions and even dealing with nerves. Often when a child knows other children in the business, it can help relieve some of that nervous tension associated with attending auditions and casting calls.

Trust us, having a few friends in the industry can make a huge difference to your child.

So if you’re thinking about signing up with an agency that also has adults on the books, we suggest you reconsider. Not only will your child have more opportunities at a child talent agency but they’ll have so much more fun. If we know anything about kids, it’s that they love to have fun.

If you’ve already decided that an agency specializing in child talents is the right choice for your child, then fill out our talent application form and one of our agents will be in touch.