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The longest running children’s agency in Australia

Bubblegum Casting is one of Australia’s most respected acting, talent and modelling agencies. Representing babies, children and teens in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane we have been in business for over 37 years we know exactly what it takes to provide the best talent with the best acting and modelling opportunities.

We have represented thousands of talented babies, children and teens over our long and successful career for countless films, tv shows and more modelling gigs than we can even count. And we still think of each of them as part of the Bubblegum family.

Bubblegum is always looking for new and fresh talent, if you think your child has what it takes or is pestering you to become involved please apply, we would love to welcome you into the industry.

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Bubblegum CastingModels
August 17, 2018

Working with a kids’ talent agency

So you’re sitting on the bus, and you pass a billboard with a cute kid rocking their new Adidas shoes, and you think to yourself ‘my kid could do that.’…
Bubblegum CastingModels
August 15, 2018

Do you need to be a famous teen model to work for big brands?

So your child has just entered the world of teen modeling, and the excitement at home is at fever pitch. You’ve signed up with a talent agency, taken them along…
Bubblegum CastingModels
August 10, 2018

Can your child really become a top model in less than a year?

Become a top model, Every now and then (well, actually it’s a little more than that) we get asked how long it will take before a child starts making a…

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