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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 - Interviews Via Online Video Portal And Contract Extensions

We’re conscious of the fact that this is an odd time for everyone. In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, we’re erring on the side of caution and taking this situation day-by-day. We will pivot where needed and this current climate has led us to take some precautionary measures.


Bubblegum will only be conducting video interviews via video link, in fact this software has already been pivotal in us securing large volumes of work.

Why Join Bubblegum Casting?

We’re the longest running children’s talent agency in Australia with a reputation for matching the right kids with the right clients.


We also pride ourselves on being industry leaders with an innovative approach to preparing our talent for a long career in front of the camera.

How Do I Join Bubblegum?

Please submit your child’s details and a clear photograph through our Apply Now link.


Once we have received your application, we’ll let you know when our next open casting event will take place in your city. Bear in mind that we only accept applications from children who are not signed up with another agency.

What Can I Expect From an Interview, What Does This Mean?

If you are invited for an interview, this means we are interested in the possibility of representing your child at the Bubblegum Casting Agency. We like to set up an interview to assess whether your child is suitable for potential work in the industry. We also like to meet you the parent to ensure you have a clear understanding of the requirements.


We are highly selective and only represent children who are confident and show potential, thus our reputation for supplying the industry with suitable children.


The interview is an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have.

What Do I Need to Be a Model?

A friendly personality and the drive to succeed will get you far in the modelling industry. It is also important that you possess the required physique of a model and be in excellent health. If you feel you are model material, there is no better way to become successful than being represented by a reputable modelling agency.

What Is an Agent?

An Agent in the entertainment industry acts as your representative when dealing with potential employers. Your Agent works on your behalf to make sure that you receive the best possible rates of pay, to organise contracts and work permits and to make sure that all the conditions and guidelines in regards to working with children are met. For further information regarding working with children, please visit or the corresponding resource in your state/territory.

In return, your agent takes a commission out of the wage they have negotiated for you. This commission can range between 10% and 20% depending on the type of work. It should be remembered that the agent is NOT the employer but they work on your behalf to obtain the best for you, by way of obtaining work and negotiating the terms and conditions of that work.

Who Are Our Clients?

Bubblegum is well known and respected throughout the industry and provides talent of a high quality covering all areas. Our list of clients is extensive and suffice to say that not all are listed here.


Still Photography – Target, Myer, Kmart, David Jones, Seed, Gypsy Kids, Patons, Nike, Mitre 10, Bunnings, Harcourt Education, Vic Roads, Herald Sun, Just Jeans and many more.


Television Commercials – Vegemite, Huggies, Heinz, Cottees, Clarks Shoes, AAMI, Anti Cancer Council, Austar, Australia Post, Axa, Hungry Jacks, Nestle, Bulla, San Remo, Birdseye, Oreo,Wendys, Kraft, SPC, McDonalds, Ikea, Toyota, VW, Holden, Mitsubishi, Honda, Australian Government, Worksafe, Drinkwise, Go For Your Life, Simmonds Homes, Birbank Homes, Campbells, Target, Kmart, David Jones, Myer, Corporate TVC’s, Sony, 2D Apparel, Singulair, Civic Video, Red Book Carpets, Whiskas, IXL, Panadol, Telstra, Vita Wheat, The Age, Duracel, AFL, Metlink, Maggi, Peters Ice Cream, Stubbies Schoolwear, Starhub, Medibank, McCains, Specsavers, Berger Paints and many more.


Production and Drama – Horace and Tina, Genie Down Under, Don’t Peek, Blue Heelers, Pirate Island, Saddle Club, Sleepover Club, Neighbours, Worst Best Friends, Wicked Science, City Homicide, Round The Twist, Summer Heights High, As The Bell Rings, Pass The Plate. Currently we are working with House Husbands, Its A Date, Winners and Losers, Offspring, Tangle and many more.


Musical Theatre – Gypsy, Annie, Showboat, Les Mis, Sound of Music, Oliver, The Australian Opera and others.

How Do I Know You Are Reputable?

Please feel free to make your own enquiries by calling The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), Industrial Relations Victoria and Consumer Affairs. You should do your own due diligence online.


We also suggest that you ask around and speak to relatives and friends. I understand that the Forums on the children related websites have some valuable information. Remember it is up to the parent to make all appropriate enquiries in regard to Agencies they are considering.

How Do We Promote Your Children?

We verbally advise our clients in regards to the children we represent. We have a wonderful website which is widely used by our clients, which is continually updated with photos, measurements and all your child’s information. However, it is up to the parents to make sure their child’s profile is updated and accurate. Our website is safe, secure, password and coded and very user-friendly. Our clients can view our children at the touch of a button.

How Often Will My Child Get Work?

This is the million dollar question. We can offer no guarantees in regard to how often your child will work. We do not know what work will come up from one day to the next, what our clients will want to advertise or what age groups or size that they will require.


However, we do choose our children carefully and our hit rate is very high. A large percentage of our children do obtain work and we like to think that’s down to our great coaching!

How Many Children Do We Represent?

Bubblegum is a “Boutique” Agency representing around 20-25 children of all nationalities, religions, backgrounds and abilities per gender per age group per state. We represent some parents of the children who are registered with us should they wish to work in a “family” situation. Often clients prefer “real” families as they feel the end result is more realistic when the talent can act and react with each other naturally. Please make sure to mention if this is something you would be interested in doing when you apply.


We have a sister company “Hunter Talent ” and through that we represent 18 + year olds.

Can You Offer Guarantees?

No Agency can offer guarantees. We do however promote your child to the best of our ability and we will put your child forward for all jobs that he/she is suitable for. Ultimately our clients have the final say on who gets the job.


We are however, a small Boutique Agency and we only take on children who we strongly believe will get work. The success of Bubblegum can be contributed to the careful selection and quality of our talent and our professionally trained staff.

What Ages Do You Represent?

Bubblegum represents children from 3 months to 17 years. We also have families.

Bubblegum has also started HUNTER TALENT ( our Sister Agency which is dedicated to representing talented adult actors.

Can You Be a Member of More Than One Agency?

No, you can only be represented by one agency at a time. We take on your child on the understanding that he or she is not represented with another agency. It is your responsibility to inform us if this is not the case.

How Much Commission Do You Take?

We take between 10% and 20% depending on the type of work.

Is the Work During the Week or Weekends?

The large majority of the work is during the week and can be during school time. There is very little work done at weekends as loading apply to crew and talent.


Work, auditions and castings can be at any time. For this reason parents should be prepared to take their children out of school if necessary.

What Do the Children Get Paid?

As this varies from job to job, the fee structure is explained in detail to you at the interview and prior to each job together with all the relevant Tax requirements.

Is Bubblegum Casting Legit?

Absolutely, Bubblegum Casting has been running since 1981. We’ve been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Sunrise, SBS News, Who Magazine, New Idea. Bubblegum Casting has 1000’s of kids over the years who’ve booked amazing television, film and modelling opportunities.  

Are the Fees Tax Deductible?

Fees paid to Bubblegum are tax deductible only if the child has earned in excess of the tax-free threshold (around $6000 pa). Tax issues are the responsibility of the parent and if in any doubt the parent should speak to their Accountant or Tax Adviser.


Upon joining, membership fees are payable immediately. Memberships may be cancelled within the first seven days of signing up after which fees are non-refundable. After this period the membership is for a twelve months period or upon mutual agreement in writing that the member wishes to terminate such membership, such termination is not to be unreasonably withheld.

Does My Child Require a Tax File Number?

Yes, Bubblegum is NOT the employer of your child, we act as your agent only. PAYG taxation instalments are deducted by most of our clients. It is your responsibility to apply to the Tax Office for a TFN for your child. This agency also requires that you provide us with Tax File Declaration Forms for your child otherwise our clients will deduct close to 50% from your child¹s pay.

Do We Need to Sign a Contract?

Bubblegum has an Agreement that you sign when you join. It is a legally binding document, however, and can be terminated subject to mutual agreement at any time. Children join an Agency usually for a minimum of 12 months which gives us the time to properly promote the child to our clients and the industry.

Child Employment Permits?

All children in every industry require a permit before they can work. These permits will be sent to you when your child is confirmed for a job.

How Do I Go About Registering My Child?

If you are interested in potentially joining BubbleGum Casting, please go to the Apply now page.


Once you have applied, we will be in touch if we would like to meet you for an interview.

Where Are Interviews Conducted?

Interviews are conducted in our offices or via Zoom in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

It should be noted that the majority of work is done in and around the inner city areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, and therefore you should be aware that if you live in outer areas travelling will be involved.

We ask that you carefully consider whether you are happy to travel for castings, fittings, auditions, screen tests, wardrobe calls, photoshoots and television work BEFORE you go through the application and interview process.

Where Is Bubblegum Located?

Bubblegum Casting’s head office is in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney and Brisbane. We do not have an office in Perth, but we do represent talent and book work there.

The main contact number is 1800 491 828

What Are Your Membership Fees?

Our fee structure varies with the age of the child and all fees cover a 12 month period.
Fees are payable on joining the agency and include the following –

  1. 1. 12 Months exclusive Agency representation
  2. 2. Talent onboarding and digital administration and set up support
  3. 3. Professional Studio headshots to assist with promoting the Talent to directors.
  4. 4. Access and set up on Syngency – a secure online Talent portal
  5. 5. Access and set up on Casting Networks – a secure online Talent portal
  6. 6. Production and inclusion in industry showcase booklet.
Will We Have to Travel?

It should be noted here that the majority of work is done in and around the inner city areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth and therefore you should be aware that if you live in outer areas travelling will be involved.

We ask that you carefully consider whether you are happy to travel for castings, fittings, auditions, screen tests, wardrobe calls, photoshoots and television work BEFORE you go through the application and interview process.

Will Work Be Outside of School Hours?

Almost all talent will be required to work during business hours, for talent under 15 we will have to help the clients get permits for the talent to leave school to work.


Auditions and castings can be a bit more flexible but this is entirely up to the clients.


You can read a post we did about this here:


How your child can become a model or actor without skipping school