Bubblegum Casting’s Quick
Guide to Modelling

Welcome to our short-but-sweet guide to child modelling. Here, we’ve
listed some of the key aspects of child modelling that all parents should
know along with some useful tips and information.


It all comes down to the personality and confidence of your child. Even if your child is great in front of the camera at home, they may not feel so comfortable when they have to do the same thing in front of strangers.

And even if your child can handle that, there’s still the fact that it’s a lot of hard work. Travel time, hanging around in studios, and wardrobes changes can all get tiring. So really take the time to consider whether or not your child can handle it.


Finding an agency is perhaps the most important step in your child’s career, so make sure you do it right. Look at what the agency has to offer and what they have done in the past.

Check out their social media profiles and see if
you can find any reviews online. Most importantly, an
agency should always want to meet up with you in person or through a video chat before signing you up.


Your portfolio must have professionally taken photos. Shots taken on your smartphone simply won’t do.

Photographers and agents will want to see what your child looks like in a studio environment with the right lighting. This really is crucial as children without a professionally shot portfolio rarely land any assignments.


Your agency will put your child forward for any suitable
roles and if all goes well, you will be contacted.

It’s extremely important that you don’t do this yourself as you
may inadvertently apply for the same job that your agent
has put your child forward for.

Trust your agent to handle this but bear in mind that the industry is highly competitive so there’s no guarantee that your child will find work.


There is a lot of waiting around involved in this process,
although, the outcome is worth every minute!

The photographer will explain to your child how to pose and
will notify you if a change of wardrobe is needed.

It’s a good idea to bring a few non-messy snacks along and
some water. You might even bring a book or a quiet game
to keep your child occupied when waiting.


It’s the million-dollar question: how much will my child get paid? It all comes down to how much your agency bills the client and the type of work that was done.

The final figure will be given to you before you complete the job, so you know your child is paid for the correct number of hours.

Keep in mind, your agency will take their share of
commission before you receive the payment.


This is essential. A portfolio is crucial for the success of any child in the industry. A casting director wants to see how your child looks in professionally shot photographs, from different angles under various lighting.

Unfortunately, smartphone images just won’t cut the musta.

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