Are you ready to take the next step?

If your child or teenager is interested in working as a child model or actor then
guess what — you’re in the right place.

The Bubblegum kids have a history of working with the
biggest brands and production companies in the business
and we’re absolutely thrilled that you and your child want
to join the family!


Well, it’s pretty simple.



To Bubblegum Casting

Fill out the application form and make sure to add a clear picture with a great big smile and double check all parent/guardian contact details are correct.



With Talent Agents

Our talent agents will review your application and invite you for an interview if they are interested in meeting with you.



The Bubblegum Family

Following the interview, if our talent agents feel your child has Bubblegum star quality, you will be offered a contract



A Photoshoot &
Become A Star

The final step is by far the most fun. Book your child’s photoshoot and the team will work their magic and kick off your child’s journey to becoming a star

Bubblegum modelling

Before we take a look at your application we just have to let you know
our two golden rules with regards to signing talent.

We only represent babies, kids, and teens in the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth areas. If you live more than 90 minutes from Melbourne or Sydney or 60 minutes from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, then we’re really sorry, but we can’t represent your child.

We also only represent children who are not signed with another agency. This is standard practice across the entertainment industry.

These rules apply to everyone and we really can’t bend or break them for any kids no matter how cute or talented they are 🙁

BTW – if the internet gremlins are playing up and you’re having difficulties with this form, you can email your application complete with all required details and that smiling photo to

Make sure to mark any emails from as safe or add them to your VIP list — we don’t want you to miss any of our emails!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can a teenager get an acting agent?
That’s the easy part. There are any number of teen acting agencies out there that will be more than happy to take on your teen. However, you’re not looking for any old agency. You want one that has your teen’s best interests at heart. An agency with a proven track record of going above and beyond to get your teen the right opportunities. And that just so happens to be us!
What are the benefits of teens getting into acting?

We have worked with just about every major brand and production company in Australia including Nike, Target, Warner Brothers, and Disney. You can check out some of the other amazing clients we’ve worked with on our work page.

Can this lead to work as an adult?

Yes, of course! Many of the teenagers that have worked with Bubblegum Casting have gone on to sign up with our adult talent agency Hunter Talent. If that’s what your teen decides to do, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Will getting into teen acting affect their schoolwork?
There’s no doubt that your teen will need to miss out on some classes, but this will not affect their education. Your teen’s education is hugely important and so production companies will do everything in their power to ensure that teen actors do not miss out. For more information, check out our guide on becoming an actor without skipping school.