At Bubblegum Casting, we also want to make sure that YOU, as a parent, know what to expect in this
industry. So we’ve created this brief guide that highlights some of the most important aspects of
managing your child’s career. Remember you’re just as much a part of this as your child!

Working With Agencies

What you’re looking for is a well-established kids talent agency with a great reputation for taking care of the kids in their books. An agency that both you and your child feel comfortable working with.

A solid client list shows you that the agency has good contacts and is trusted in the industry.

Finding WORK

If you sign up with an agency, the agency will put your child forward for suitable roles. Casting directors and photographers will also see your child’s profile on the agency database.

Most parents let their agency do all of this work but some may look for opportunities themselves.

However, if you do this you must let your agency know before you apply for any roles as they may have put your child forward already, this at least applies to Modelling Agencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Managing Your Child’s Finances

Your agency should be able to provide you with the
hourly rates for each type of work. Make sure you do
your research though, to make sure that these rates
are the industry standard — they do change from time
to time.

Keep in mind that clients may also deduct tax from
your child’s payment (usually at a rate of 20%).

Remember that you MUST open a bank account in your child’s name as any pay needs to go into an account in
their name.



It is important that both you and your child are aware of what to expect at the audition. We suggest that you practice beforehand, as if it was the real deal.

On the day of the audition, make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothing, looks neat and feels confident by running through any potential questions the casting director may ask.


When on set, it is important to understand that parents/guardians need to sit back unless instructed otherwise. It is also encouraged that you do not take sneaky photos of your child while on set — this is a big no-no!


Rejection is unfortunately very common in this industry.

But you must understand that it is not a popularity contest. Casting directors choose a child based on their own specific requirements.

The right role will come along so there is no reason to feel downhearted. Remember that positivity goes a long way.


So where do you find lessons? Ideally, you’ll find an agency that hosts its own workshops for learning and improving both acting and modelling skills.

Remember that child performers are always learning so encourage your child to take any opportunity that improves their skills and helps their chances of success.


This is essential. A portfolio is crucial for the success of any child in the industry. A casting director wants to see how your child looks in professionally shot photographs, from different angles under various lighting.

Unfortunately, smartphone images just won’t cut the mustard.

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