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Classes for Kids

Believe it or not, acting is a learnable skill that any child or teen with the right attitude can excel at. 

All they need is a good teacher to set them on the right path and the support of their parents. 

Simple enough, right? 

The only problem is that finding the right teacher and school that suits your busy schedule can be quite tough. 

And that’s before we even begin to talk about the expense because let’s face it, acting classes can be pretty pricey. 

But what if there was a way that your child could pick up those all-important acting skills that didn’t break the bank?

A way that didn’t involve dropping off and picking up your child at school and that didn’t interfere with their hectic schedule. 

Yes, we’re talking about online acting classes for kids and it’s something that the team here at Bubblegum HQ have been working on for quite some time now. 

What do online acting classes for kids involve?

As you may have heard, Bubblegum Casting has launched an online digital learning platform called Bubblegum Academy. 

The idea behind the academy is to make acting classes and lessons accessible to kids no matter where they are located or how busy their parents may be — we totally understand the pain of getting to and from classes especially if it’s during rush hour traffic! 

With this in mind, we created a subscription-based digital learning platform that allows kids to learn at their own pace and saves parents (that’s you) both time and money without scrimping on quality. 

So yes, you can stop worrying about those expensive classes. 

Our online classes come in two categories.

Pre-recorded online acting courses and lessons

These are in-depth tutorials on a huge range of topics that your child can access at any time of the day. 

These lessons are created and hosted by industry experts who have plenty of insider tips and knowledge to share with your child. Think ‘how to impress at an audition’ or ‘acting with emotion’ and you’ll have an idea of the kind of content available here.

Live online acting workshops and lessons

These are live sessions where our experienced teachers will teach the class in-person through a Zoom classroom. 

All live online acting workshops and lessons take place during out-of-school hours and are recorded so anyone who can’t make the class can rewatch it at a convenient time.

We even set aside some question time so your child can ask the teacher about anything they don’t understand or would like to talk about a little more.

Our live classes have been a huge success so far with kids (and even parents) telling us how much they enjoyed them. ​

Check out the video below to see just how much fun we all have. 

What are the benefits of online acting classes?

Well that’s pretty easy to answer. 

The two most obvious benefits are:


Online acting classes tend to be much more affordable than traditional in-person classes. And with Bubblegum Academy there’s no obligation to sign up for a specified term. Stay for a month or stay for a year, it’s entirely up to you and your child.


Imagine your child has an acting class at 5pm and all you need to do is turn on the laptop. No drop offs or pickups sounds like absolute heaven, right? Well, that’s exactly how online acting classes work. Just log in a few minutes before class and you’re good to go. Better yet, with our library of recorded classes your child can watch anytime, day or night!  Online acting classes are also a great way for kids who are a little shy to build up their self confidence before performing in front of others. Of course, they’ll need to get over their shyness as they start to do auditions, but this is a great first step into the industry that’s a little less intimidating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child attend online acting classes?

At Bubblegum Academy we hold all of our live classes on Zoom. You get a link prior to the class and need to login 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Pre-recorded content is simply accessed and viewed through your choice of browser.  Easy!

What equipment do I need?

A laptop, PC, or tablet with a solid internet connection. If using a tablet, we’d recommend getting a good stand.

Are online acting classes suitable for young kids?

Yes, they are indeed. While some classes may be a little more advanced, classes are usually okay for kids from 6-17, with most classes split into a younger (6-12) and an older (12-17) age group.

Are online acting classes safe?

Absolutely! We take the privacy of your child very seriously and with Zoom’s extensive privacy controls, we can ensure that only attending children and the teacher can access the class.

Is there a school term?

While some online acting schools like to tie kids into a contract and charge by the term, we’re more interested in kids learning at their own pace. This means that your child can join or leave at any time they choose. 

And the fact that all lessons are available in our library forever, catching up on any missed lessons or workshops is no problem at all. 

If you’d like to know more about Bubblegum Academy specifically, then you can check out our FAQ page.

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