Are Online Acting Classes Worth It

are online acting classes worth it

Are Online Acting Classes Worth It

Since the pandemic started, about
65% of people say their children now take online classes. Since 2020, the way we learn shifted from in-person to Zoom conferences and online teaching.

Now that we are well into 2021, it does not look like online classes are going away. In fact, they are skyrocketing more than before, especially for subjects considered electives or hobbies.

Some people want to take this at-home opportunity to explore new hobbies like acting. But are online acting classes worth it? Discover how online acting classes run by Australia’s leading modelling and talent agency can benefit your child.

How Do Online Acting Classes Work?

For a lot of people, that is a big question. After all, when we think of acting classes, a stage often comes to mind with a group of people watching you act out a scene in front of them.

Turning that live experience into an online acting course is not all that hard. At Bubblegum Academy, we offer two types of online acting workshops. The first type of online course comes in a pre-recorded style.

Parents love these because you can access these classes at any time of the day. That way, it fits your busy schedule. The pre-recorded courses are usually in tutorial format and teach lessons about how to impress casting directors at auditions. 

The second type of class that Bubblegum Academy offers is in a live online Zoom classroom. We ensure these classes operate after school hours, so there is no overlap between schoolwork and acting.

What is even better is that we record these lessons. That means if you miss one of our lessons, you can still access it later on.

online acting course

You Get Feedback 

Online acting classes allow you to receive quick feedback. You get to connect with other actors and students from around the world. That removes the limitations of a singular acting group.

It is beneficial to act out a monologue or facial expression when a range of other actors can see you and tell you what you did well and what you need to improve. When you get a well-rounded sense of feedback from several people who have experience in the field, you can better assess how to improve your skills. 

You Get Tips on the Spot

Along with feedback, you also get tips from the experts. Some of these tips may be about how to convey emotion during a monologue or scene. Others are about movements or how to deliver a line. 

You will also find helpful information about how to carry yourself in an audition so that you impress the casting director. Though the main focus is on your acting, you still want to ensure you present yourself professionally. That means dressing the part and speaking professionally. 

There Are No Geographical Limits

Since the classes happen online, you don’t need to worry about geography at all. Bubblegum Casting is in Australia, but someone from the United States is more than welcome to enrol in our online acting classes.

There are many courses that students wish to take which fall outside their local areas. Thanks to the internet, we can erase those geographical boundaries and teach children from the comfort of their own homes. 

You Don’t Have to Worry About a Schedule

One of the parent’s many problems with taking their children to in-person classes is the schedule. With schools and businesses opening back up, everyone’s schedule is getting a bit crazy. With online studies, you can remove the headache of dropping your child off and picking them back up. 

You Are Already in Front of a Camera

Most people want to do the sort of acting where you get in front of a camera. Many students find that acting in front of their peers is easier than conveying emotions or mannerisms when the camera turns on.

However, on Zoom, you are already in front of a camera. By taking a course through a webcam, you can remove camera shyness. It also allows you to view yourself on the screen to assess your facial expression and body movements. 

You Get to Choose a Variety of Classes

Sometimes, you have a class you want to take, but your local acting studio does not offer that class. Never fear because online courses can solve that problem. You can find an acting course online, like us here at Bubblegum Academy, that offers several unique and desirable online acting classes. 


There Is Loads of Participation

Many students report boredom or lack of interest in their courses. But, online acting workshops do not operate like other school subjects. Acting requires participation from every student.

They might have projects like delivering monologues or acting out scenes between one another. Teachers do their best to engage each student. That way, they do not lose interest or stop listening.  

It Brings the Community Together

Actors want to meet and connect with other actors. The pandemic calls for social distancing, which makes it difficult to meet like-minded people.

Taking a course online will help your child feel less alone during the crisis. They will meet other actors and talent that they can discuss classes and homework with and befriend.

Talking to people about shared interests can remove stress and anxiety from your child’s life. And, after such trying times, we could all use a little less stress, right? 

Are Online Acting Classes Worth It?

Absolutely! Online acting classes are well worth your time. If you dream about your child becoming a star, then online acting workshops are for you.

As you can tell, there are several benefits to these courses, like expert feedback and the chance to remove geographical restrictions. At Bubblegum Casting, we want to help make your child’s goals become a reality.

We pride ourselves on discovering brilliant young talent and honing their acting skills. So, they are ready for big auditions.

If you still wonder, are online acting classes worth it? Then feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and begin applying today!

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About the Author

Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest-running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia's biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

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