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As one of the longest running acting & modelling agencies in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, we have been in business for over 37 years now, and work as hard today for our clients as we did in 1981.

Contact us today to if you are looking for talented youngsters for your project.

Previous work

We have worked for nearly every major brand and company in Australia, top television shows as commercials. Berger Paints, Panadol, Vegemite, Heinz, Huggies, Target, IKEA, Toyota, VW, Honda and Nestle are just some of the brands we’ve worked with. We have also managed modeling shoot talent for Target, Kmart, Nike, Just Jeans, Gypsy Kids and countless other brands.

Neighbors, Offspring, It’s A Date, Don’t Peek, Worst Best Friends, Saddle Club, Underbelly, and many others have had had talent cast by bubblegum Casting.

Mathilda, Gypsy, Annie, Oliver, The Australian Opera are just some of the musical theatre work that Bubblegum Agency have placed talent in.

Why Choose Us

We are fully devoted to the people we work with. For this reason, we only work with models who aren’t signed with other modelling, casting or acting agencies in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. This way, their full attention is devoted to the work we provide them as well.

Similarly, casting directors who are in search of new talent and fresh faces can easily find appropriate options in our agency. We only hire kids and teens who have the potential for this sort of work. We also keep training our talent to get better and better at what they do.

Work with us if you are:

  • A casting director in search of people for your commercial, film or shoot.
  • A brand in search of the perfect face to represent you.
  • A professional photographer who wants to work with an agency that offers plenty of fantastic models.

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