Does signing up with a child agency mean guaranteed work?

By June 15, 2018Bubblegum Casting

Does signing up with a child agency mean guaranteed work?

When it comes to modeling and acting people often misunderstand a number of things.

No guarantee

To be very open and clear, we do not promise anything regarding work. The deciding power ultimately belongs to the companies who contact us for models and actors. We put forth our talent, they shortlist and select, then we facilitate contracts and bookings etc.  The companies decide which talent they prefer or which one suits their needs. Therefore, we do not promise that your child will get a certain amount of guaranteed work. It all depends on whether or not your child meets the criteria of the required shoot.

How much work to expect

Once again, we aren’t promising any fixed shoots or contracts. However, we can give you a rough idea based on the number of projects we receive. Similarly, you can get an idea of the workload by comparing the projects signed by our models on average. Of course, none of this is a guarantee. There will be times when the project load will be higher and Some days there might be very little work. There may be times when all the on-going projects will be for certain age groups. Similarly, there could be a major demand in terms of gender. There are a number of characteristics that determine if your child is suitable for a project. We cannot promise that something will always be in store for your child. However, we can guarantee you that our agency is a reputable one. We have good contacts with national and famous brands.

Our previous work is a proof that we have done high-quality work and will continue to do so. With such a record, you shouldn’t worry about work when signing up with us. But, at the same time, we do not make promises.

Our best efforts

As our client, you will have expectations of us. While we refuse to offer a promise of work, we can guarantee you the best representation possible. As we mention in our article  What to look for in a good child agency Our duty is to connect the brands or companies with our talent. It is then the companies’ decision to hire whoever they like best. In between this process, the most vital step is representing the talent. We promise you that we will make sure to market you to the best of our ability. Our success is entwined with your success. Therefore, we cannot afford bad representation. We will promote, guide you,  tweak your portfolio to put forth your qualities that are required for varying projects. This means we will mould and present you in a way that companies want. That we will do our best is our guarantee.


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