Bubblegum Casting’s
Comprehensive Guide to Auditioning

Bubblegum Casting’s
Comprehensive Guide to Auditioning

A successful audition is key to success, but very few aspiring young actors (or their parents) know much about the process. In this Comprehensive Guide to Auditioning, we explain the ins and outs of auditions while also providing you with actionable tips to help improve your chances of landing that part.

Whether you’re an aspiring actor or a parent looking to give your child a head-start for their future, the entertainment industry can be really confusing. From paperwork to work permits, taxes to insurance, there’s just so much to take in – and that’s before we even mention the not so small matter of acting.

Yes, believe it or not, although we spend a great deal of time helping our young stars and parents navigate the business end of child acting, we also understand that sometimes you or your child may need a few coaching tips on getting the job.

Although we like to offer advice on our blog, we also thought it would be a good idea to create an in-depth guide to auditioning for children and teen actors.

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Guide to Auditioning
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