Unconventional tips for modelling beginners

By July 30, 2018Models

Unconventional tips for modelling beginners

So you’ve decided you’d like to get into modelling, here are some tips on being successful when you first start down the catwalk to a modelling career.

An agency in an investment

At the start of your career, you’ll have doubts and uncertainty. But trust us, a good modelling agency will help you get started. Your entire experience as a model will be improved with the help of an reputable agency. The options of modelling agencies are endless, our tip, find the one that best fits your needs, and that you feel most comfortable with.

Keep working even if it’s unpaid

Most models face camera shyness from time to time. New models aren’t very experienced  at poses or actions. You can do things to assist in being more confident when you finally do get the call to go to a casting or audition. Practice, practice, practice. Get your photo taken as often as possible, we are not talking selfies and a duck face pout here, but shooting as often as possible. Partner with student hair and makeup people and aspiring photographers if you are not getting paid work and shoot, shoot, shoot.

Don’t work with people you don’t get a good vibe from

If certain people involved in a shoot make your child self-conscious or uncomfortable,  investigate the reason or don’t work with them again. Keep your confidence intact.Being shy in front of a famous person versus being insecure in the presence of another human are two very different things. Make sure nothing negative is causing this behaviour.

Keep working on the portfolio

A portfolio is almost never final. With every new project, you have an opportunity to improve the resume. Different projects may even have different portfolio requirements. Just keep working on it on a regular basis. Keep situations in mind, consult your model agency and don’t pressure yourself. No one expects perfection. Keeping this in mind, make use of the best shots you have.

Our guidance will make your beginner model a professional in no time!

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