In the Hot Seat with Seb Alvarez

By May 24, 2019Models
Hot Seat with Seb Alvarez

In the Hot Seat with Seb Alvarez

Introducing the wonderful Seb Alvarez, who won our modelling competition last year. We sat down to chat with him about his modelling experiences:

Hi Seb, When did you start modelling?

I started when I was 2 Years old but stopped when I was just past 5 years old. I  picked it up again in August last year.. nearly 10 years later!

What inspired you to restart?

What inspired me to take up modelling again was the people and support around me. I wanted to stay true to myself and prove I can achieve things if I put my mind to it

What was the first photoshoot you ever participated in?

The Toys R Us campaign was my first shoot where I just played with loads of toys

What brands have you been collaborating with on Instagram?


A number of brands both which are known ones and up and coming. Some of them have been Royel Boye, Happy Hair Brush, Drom, Chixit, EZ Threads, Rainbird Clothing & Kenji


What has been your favourite photoshoot of all time and why?

My favourite photoshoot is the Easter Shoot with Melissa from @melissa_stevens_photography where she had live chickens to shoot with. My hair became the nest for these baby chicks and yes lucky as some would say except me, they left me a few surprises in my hair!

Tell us about when you won Bubblegum’s modelling competition?

Oh that was great! I don’t usually win anything….

It was tough being up against so many cool kids and to be one of the three winners with 2 awesome girls made my day. I had the opportunity to shoot again with Eloh photography and have Lisa tame my curls for some cool new pics to add to my portfolio.

Who is your celebrity idol and why?

Robert Downey Jnr as he is in all the films I like especially the latest Avengers movie

If you could be a model for any teen brand, what would it be and why?

Do I only have to pick one? There are so many…. But Industrie, Champion or Jay Jays would be at the top as they have super cool clothes and I try and stock my wardrobe with as much as I can

What do you do when you’re not modelling?

I go to school… Did you know I only have 2 years left? On the weekends if Im not working at a fast food restaurant Im either playing soccer, xbox or just hanging out with my friends

Can you remember your first casting? What was it like?

You really want to know? It’s a bit embarrassing. I was 5 and was asked if I knew how to catwalk, so I started up and got down on my feet and hands and started to crawl like a cat. I had only ever done catalogue shoots so this was a first. I have learnt from that… you never stop learning.

What did it feel like to be on set for the first time?

Nervous but I put it my mind to just give it a go and whatever comes out of it is made to be

What message would you want to send to other teens wanting to join the industry?

Embrace being rejected and don’t take it to heart, your time will come. Its really important not to be afraid of judgement there are too many people in this world that are unhappy with themselves and will use that to try and make themselves feel better. Feel sorry for them and stand tall.