You’ve been invited to join the Bubblegum Casting family! Whoop!

Bubblegum Casting is thrilled to extend a heartfelt welcome to you. We are filled with anticipation and joy at the prospect of you becoming an integral part of the Bubblegum family.

But before we can do that, we’ll need to pop a few super-important items on your to-do list and ask you to have a good read of your Information Handbook

While these tasks may seem a little boring, they must be completed before we can start booking your child for work, so let’s get started.

1. The Contract

Let’s get the legal stuff sorted first. This clears up what we do and your role as your child’s manager. Good news – your contract’s ready and waiting below for an e-signature. 

Spot anything off? Just drop us a line at

Take your time reading this key document for your child’s career. Any questions or concerns? That email address is your go-to.

All good with the contract? Sign it off and tick it off your list!

2. Arrange Fee Payment

As you know, Bubblegum Casting charges a fee for membership. This fee will cover the costs of your child’s representation, those all-important first headshots, and your talent portal subscriptions. 

Payment of your child’s fee can be made through the link below or by using the bank details listed in your contract.

Installment Plan Option

Want to pay in parts? No problem! Start with $174.50 and then just $87.50 weekly for the next eight weeks. Simply pick ‘Payment Plan’ on our payment page, and you’re all set

Just a heads-up: missing a payment could mean your child’s contract gets cut off, as our system’s automated.

Decide to cancel? Remember, any payments you’ve already made aren’t refundable – that’s the deal with all our memberships.

3. Book your Child’s Headshots

Once your contract’s signed and payment’s sorted, we’ll shoot over a link to book your kiddo’s headshots. These snaps are key for showing off your child to our industry network.

We do headshot shoots every few weeks, and spots go by sign-up order – so the sooner you’re in, the faster we snap those shots!

Missed the first shoot? No stress! We’ll snag you a spot in the next one.

4. Update your Syngency and Casting Networks Profiles

Once we’ve got your little star’s headshots, we’ll set up their profiles on Casting Networks and Syngency. 

Quick tip: check out the how-to videos below for logging in. You’ll need to pop in your child’s details like sizes and special skills – super important for casting directors to see if they’re a fit for roles. Make sure to keep those profiles updated!

Just a heads up, we can’t line up any gigs until these profiles are all filled out.

5. Read your Handbook, Code of Conduct and Knowledge Base

These will be your guide for any answers you need as they contain all the important information we’ve gathered over our 40 years of experience, including frequently asked questions!


We don’t want any golden opportunities slipping through the net because an email landed in your spam folder. Make sure to whitelist all @bubblegumcasting email accounts along with:


Want to give your child a little advantage over the competition? 

Check out our online talent school Bubblegum Academy as well as all the free guides and industry tips available on the Bubblegum Casting blog.

Read your Handbook, Code of Conduct and Knowledge Base

We can’t wait to see you at your headshot session and look forward to working with you for many years to come. Watch out for your headshot invitation email once you have signed your contract and arranged payment.

Again, welcome to the Bubblegum Casting family.

We hope you have heaps of fun and magic moments with us!

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We Have the Happiest Kids

Bronwyn Kidd

Bubblegum Casting are awesome! They give so much more than they need to – fantastic service from great people! Highly recommend.

Laiken Clarke

Couldn’t be happier with the experience of working with Bubble Gum casting. Most professional agency and always go the extra mile. Thanks Guys!

Elina Akselrod

I couldn’t be happier with the team at Bubblegum, best decision we made was to engage them to manage my son. In less than a year he has had two major commercials, and I was also fortunate enough to benefit from the professionalism of Bubblegum and landing my own casting role and winning the job! Thank you very much for all that you do 🙏🏽

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