What do I do now?

Step 1. Add our email to your VIP list

We get a large amount of applicants a day and our team considers each and every one of them carefully. If our Talent Coordinators wish to meet with you for an interview, rest assured they will be in contact. 


Step 2. Prepare for the interview

As much as we would love to not disappoint any child, we cannot represent everyone. This year we are on track to receive 22,000 applicants, of that 22,000 we will interview approximately 11,000 children and of that 11,000, we will accept less than 10%. So helping your child prepare for the interview is worthwhile and will give them the best chance of success.

Make sure you check your junk mail in case any communication from us has been marked as spam. For example, you should have already received a ‘Thank you for applying email’. 

Please also set a rule that any email coming from goes straight to your VIP list to ensure you do not miss any email communications from our team in future.

See below for a list of what your child can do to prepare if they are invited for an interview:


Babies – 4 years old: No preparation needed

Kids 4 – 7 years old: Learn the line, “I’m a Bubblegum kid” and be able to recite it in different emotions.”

Kids 7-12 years old: Learn the line, “I’m a Bubblegum kid” and be able to recite it in different emotions.”

Also, please learn the following: Child: “Mum, what’s for breakfast?” Us: “Weetbix” Child: “Thanks Mum.” (smile) Not essential but advantageous: Learn a monologue

Click here to find a fun list of monologues appropriate for children.


Teens 12 – 18: Remember the line, “I’m a Bubblegum kid” and be able to recite it in different emotions.”


Also, please learn the following:
Child: “Mum, what’s for breakfast?”
Us: “Weetbix”
Child: “I’m not eating that.” 
Us: “Why not?”
Child: “I’m working now, I’ll pick up Maccas on the way to school”

Not essential but advantageous – Prepare a 30 – 60 second monologue from any movie or TV show. If you are stuck for ideas, you could take a look at this list for male and female monologues specifically curated for teens.

Only applying for modelling?
No need to learn lines if you are only applying for modelling representation.

Step 3: Prepare a list of questions you may have for our Talent Agents

As a parent you probably have quite a few things you’d like to know about both the entertainment industry and signing your child up with a talent agency.

We totally understand, and so we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked casting, acting, and modelling agency questions we hear from parents like yourself. So, check out our FAQ’s page and by chance one of your questions is left unanswered, jot it down so you can ask out Talent Agents if your child is called up for an interview. You should also check out our blog, it has a myriad of amazing resources from how to manage your child’s modelling career to preparing for auditions.

Step 4. Be patient


With the large amount of applications we receive per week, it can take some time to review every single applicant. So, take a few deep breaths and employ your best version of a zen master because the wait will be worth it!

Making Dreams Come True Since 1981

Want to Be a Child Actor or Model?

At Bubblegum, we represent some of Australia’s brightest young stars, but even so, we’re always on the lookout for fresh new faces and talent.

If your child is aged anywhere from 3 months to 18 years of age, and you think they might have what it takes to shine in front of a camera or on stage, then we want to hear from you.

We’ll set up a quick informal chat where we’ll get a feel for your child’s suitability for working in the industry.

The lucky kids that make it onto our books benefit from in-house workshops and coaching sessions to help them brush up on their skills. They’ll also get great advice and tips from the Bubblegum team, some of whom have worked as child models and actors themselves! We’ll even arrange a portfolio shoot with our in-house photographer that won’t cost parents a cent!

We want all the kids on our books to have their chance to shine and if that means working twice as hard to make it happen, then that’s what we’ll do!