Tips For Model Posts: Learn to Pose Like a Model


Tips For Model Posts: Learn to Pose Like a Model

As a child model, you can sometimes make about
$150 an hour. While this is a great job opportunity, modelling can be a very intense and competitive job. Finding ways to stand out among your competitors is a vital skill to learn! Luckily, this can be done with some easy model poses.

Do you want to learn to pose like a model, the best photography model poses, and how to stand out in photos? Keep reading these tips for models to find out!

photography model poses

Types of Photography

There are many different types of modelling poses. When you are learning how to model, the poses you do will vary greatly in each photoshoot. This has to do with the types of photography being done, what you are modelling for, and more.

Here are the common types of photography that you or your child may be modelling for!


The first type of photography modelling is for the fashion industry. Because you are modelling clothes, it is important that you find fashion poses that highlight the best features of these clothes. 

Most often, fashion photography requires more creative and artistic poses. For example, models will try to elongate their necks, have intense eyes, and will look confident through their posture. 


Another common type of photography for modelling is commercial photography. This is the most natural-looking modelling. Because your photos are meant to sell a product, it is likely that you will be posing in more natural ways. Consider posing with your hand on your hip or in your pocket. 


Finally, you may also be modelling for fitness photography. Because fitness focuses so much on athleticism and strength, models will want to look active and strong. Often, this posing will include flexing, lifting weights, or using another type of equipment for exercise!

Model Photo Poses

When it comes to photography, a good modelling pose can take a photo to the next level. Here are a few ways you can improve your poses when modelling!

  1. Get Creative With Your Arms

Using your arms in photos is a great way to create movement and depth. However, you don’t always want to do the same pose with your hands on your hips. By getting creative with your arms, you can make your photos stand out! 

For example, having your arm and hand touch your hair will naturally draw the eye up to your face in a photo. This is an easy pose to look natural, and it will give you a place to put your hands. 

Another pose you can do with your arms is putting them in your back pockets. This will open up your shoulders and chest and will make you feel more confident!

One great way to use your arms in a photo shoot is to put your hand up to your face. Not only will it draw your hand to your face, but it will also give the appearance of movement in your photos. 

  1. Consider Using a Stool

When people think of props in photography, they often think of tacky props. However, you can even use a stool in a prop! Sitting gives you other ways to showcase your posing. 

For example, you can consider sitting on a stool with your legs wide. Then, place both of your hands on the very edge of the stool. This is a very comfortable pose that will showcase your entire body. 

You can also consider sitting on a stool and resting your chin in your hand. One common issue with photography is that people often don’t know what to do with their hands! This pose will give you a comfortable and natural way to use your hands. 

One pose that can work for anyone is sitting on a stool with one foot on the bar and one foot on the ground. You can make this photo your own by leaning forward, touching your face, or by putting your hands in your lap.

  1. Prepare For Fitness Photos

Finally, if you are taking part in a fitness photoshoot, you will want to practice some exercises, stretches, and poses that will focus on the athletic clothes or equipment you are modelling. 

For example, if you are modelling activewear, you may consider doing some yoga poses that will highlight the best features of this clothing! You can do this by stepping into a deep lunge, holding a plank, etc.

If you are highlighting weights or another type of gym equipment, you can easily do some weightlifting to get some natural and in-the-moment photos. 

For a great fitness photo, you can take a photo from behind as you flex your biceps. This is a great way to accentuate athletic wear and to show your athleticism. 

How To Prepare for a Photoshoot

One of the most important things for to prepare for a photoshoot is to discuss expectations with your photographer and others involved in the photoshoot. This will help you know how you can prepare!

Another important part of preparing for a photoshoot is practising your poses. When the time comes to take photos, you don’t want to look awkward or unnatural! By practising, it will become second nature to pose. 

This is especially true if your child is modelling. Children often don’t know exactly how to pose and need as much practice as possible to get good results!

Next, you want to make sure you select poses based on your niche of modelling. You can’t use the same poses for every type of photoshoot. By carefully selecting the poses that work best, you will get even better results in your photos!

Other Tips to Learn to Pose Like a Model

No matter how good your posing is, there are a few things that can completely detract from your photo. Here are some tips that will help you avoid these issues!

First, always be conscious of how your hair is falling. Hair placement is key in photos, so make sure you don’t have any hairs sticking out of place. 

Another thing you should try to avoid is being photographed straight on. This can make you look boxy and will make your pose look forced. By turning your shoulders, you can get a more natural and flattering look!

It is also important to keep your shoulders rolled back and your chin forward. This will make your posture look strong and confident!

Casting Agencies Can Help!

If you or your child are looking to start modelling but don’t know where to begin, you can use a casting agency to help! Not only will they help you find good opportunities for your modelling career, but they can also help you learn to pose like a model so you can stand out in your photos!

If you are looking for a casting agency for your child, Bubblegum Casting can help! We help babies, kids, and teens in the Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane areas. If you are ready to take the next step for your child, apply today for an opportunity to work with the biggest brands and production companies in the business!

About the Author

About the Author

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