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Empowering Awesome Talent with Disabilities to Shine Bright!


Welcome to Bubblegum Casting, where we celebrate and champion awesome kids and teens with disabilities who are ready to rock the entertainment world! If we feel your child is a good fit, we’ll invite you to join the Bubblegum family — it’s as simple as that.

At Bubblegum Casting, we’re dedicated to boosting your child’s confidence and nurturing their unique abilities. We offer in-house workshops, coaching sessions, and professional tips from our experienced team, some of whom have been child models and actors. We’ll even arrange a portfolio shoot with our in-house photographer.

Our team guides aspiring models and actors every step of the way, from creating impressive portfolios to landing auditions and casting opportunities. We want all the kids in our books to have their chance to shine, and we’re ready to work hard to make it happen.

Join us to connect with a bustling network of industry contacts and receive the coolest mentorship needed to flourish in entertainment. Don’t miss out on this chance to kickstart your child’s career with Bubblegum Casting and showcase their talent like superstars!

Why Choose Bubblegum Casting?

At Bubblegum Casting, we’re passionate about nurturing the talents of kids and teens with disabilities, empowering them to shine brightly in the entertainment industry.

Tailored Support: Your child will receive personalised guidance to overcome challenges and enhance their modelling and acting skills, ensuring they can confidently showcase their unique potential.

Exclusive Opportunities: They’ll gain access to auditions, casting calls, and valuable industry connections that can lead to success.

Supportive Community: Join our inclusive and vibrant community that celebrates diversity and provides equal opportunities for all kids and teens with disabilities to flourish.

Celebration of Achievements: Experience a supportive environment that cheers on your child’s accomplishments and encourages them to dream big.

Join Bubblegum Casting today and discover how we can help your child with disability celebrate their potential and succeed significantly in their entertainment career.


Welcome to Bubblegum Casting, where we celebrate the incredible potential of kids and teens with disabilities! We believe every child deserves to shine brightly in the entertainment industry, and we’re here to ensure that they do just that.


Supercharged Support: Your child will receive dedicated guidance and mentorship to navigate the entertainment industry effectively. We’re here to boost their confidence and help them develop their modelling and acting skills.

Access Epic Opportunities: They’ll have exclusive access to auditions, casting calls, and industry connections that are just as awesome as those available to other talented individuals. It’s all about fairness and inclusivity!

Fun and Inclusive Vibes: Join our supportive and vibrant community where diversity is celebrated. Every kid and teen with disabilities is given the chance to shine brightly.

Empowerment and High-Fives: We’re about empowering your child to reach for the stars! Our super fun and experienced industry professionals are here to equip them with the skills and confidence needed to succeed.

Join Bubblegum Casting today and embark on a journey where your child’s potential is celebrated and empowered like never before.

Tips for Your Awesome Kids and Teens with Disabilities at Bubblegum Casting

Here are some tips to help your kids and teens with disabilities shine brightly at Bubblegum Casting:

1. Embrace Your Awesomeness
Your child’s unique abilities and awesome personality make them stand out. Encourage them to showcase their strengths and let their individuality shine in their portfolio and auditions.

2. Be Confident and Prepared
Confidence is key in the entertainment world. Encourage your child to be themselves and let their true personality shine. Help them stay sharp by practising their skills regularly, attending fun workshops, rehearsing lines, and perfecting poses.

3. Use Available Resources
At Bubblegum Casting, we offer supercharged support and mentorship for continuous improvement. Encourage your child to use feedback to grow and showcase their talents.

4. Network and Connect
Encourage yourself and your child to make friends within the industry by attending events, joining online communities, and chatting with professionals. A strong network can open up new opportunities and provide valuable insights.

These tips will help your child confidently and enthusiastically navigate their journey at Bubblegum Casting. Join us today, and let’s celebrate their potential together!


Are you ready to start your child’s exciting journey into modelling and acting with Bubblegum Casting? Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. APPLY to Bubblegum Casting

Complete the application form, and be sure to include a clear picture with a big smile. Double-check all parent/guardian contact details to ensure they’re correct.

  1. INTERVIEW with Talent Agents

Our talented agents will carefully review your application. If we’re a good fit, we’ll invite you for an interview.

  1. JOIN the Bubblegum Family

Following a successful interview, if our agents see your child’s star potential, we’ll offer them a contract.

  1. BOOK A Photoshoot & Start Shining

This is the most exciting step! Book your child’s photoshoot, and our team will work their magic to kickstart your childs journey to stardom.

Join Bubblegum Casting today, and let’s make your child’s dreams shine brightly!


Since 1981, Bubblegum Casting has been making dreams come true. Join us in cheering on and championing awesome kids and teens with disabilities as they sparkle and shine in the world of entertainment!

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Chris Collins
Chris Collins
Our daughter has been with Bubblegum Agency for 3 years and in that time we have been very happy with the amount of work that she has been put up for. To date she has had 3 engagements and has really enjoyed each one. Bubblegum are very thorough and professional and follow-up on things when asked. We would recommend Bubblegum Agency to you highly if you are interested in getting your son/daughter into advertising work. We are grateful for the opportunities that our daughter has gained in her time with Bubblegum.
Nikki CCCC
Nikki CCCC
Professional team, great communication, fun experience! Highly recommended! Big thank you to Nicole 🙂
Nazan Yusuf
Nazan Yusuf
Bubblegum casting has been amazing, they are professional, proactive and are very good at communicating, they have been thorough each and every time my son has had a shoot to attend, I am extremely happy and impressed especially when we have had such negative experiences with other agencies. I highly recommend Bubblegum Casting.
Ene Mwadi
Ene Mwadi
One of the best agencies in the Australia. The team is amazing and super professional.
vasiliki markou
vasiliki markou
Great experience working with Bubblegum Casting. The team is both efficient and positive and I had a great time working with this amazing friendly team. Would recommend and not hesitate to use them again!
Steve Mascarenhas
Steve Mascarenhas
Bubblegum Casting has been very proactive and very professional with all their work. I am very happy to see my son in safe hands. All the very best and stay the way you are.
tanyi anthionet
tanyi anthionet
wow professional,friendly and hardworking,I will definitely used them again
Loleta Riley
Loleta Riley
Bubblegum Casting is excellent they respond straight away, 👌 they are awesome we are very happy to be with them, thankyou, to all the members of Bubblegum Casting are amazing and friendly. From Mary and Neville, Nile's parents 😀


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