7 Baby Modelling Tips for Parents

7 Baby Modelling Tips for Parents

Is Baby Modelling the Right Choice for Your Child?

1. Is Baby Modelling the Right Choice for Your Child?

First thing’s first, you have to think about what’s best for your child. It’s important to recognize the fact that modeling may not be a great fit for your child — whether they’re still an infant or a toddler. Sure, smiley, happy, and friendly babies may seem suited to modeling, but there’s so much more to it than that.

A good place to start is by ensuring your child is at the right age and phase of development to get into modeling. Some children may be a little temperamental when going through a growth spurt, or a significant leap in development. You want to take that into consideration before scouting out modeling agencies.

2. How to Find the Right Modeling Agency

It’s crucial that you scout out modeling agencies that are reputable and reliable. There are far too many scam agencies that don’t take the best interests of your child to heart so in order to avoid those, here are a few tips:

  • Thoroughly research all the local agencies in your area on Google
  • You may need to research beyond your local region, especially if you do not live close to a metropolitan area
  • Most reputable agencies are based in larger towns and cities, so keep this in mind if you live in a more rural location
  • Compile a list of the top agencies you’ve found and dive into a little more research on their legitimacy
  • If you have your doubts, Google the agency name and the word “scam” to learn more

Bear in mind that while an agency may look great, they might not accept babies or young children. If you’re looking for great feedback on a certain agency, visit their website and review their client testimonials.

If you have close friends or family members that have signed their child up with a modeling agency, it’s always wise to ask them for first-hand advice, too.

How to Be a Baby Model In Australia

3. How to Apply to a Modeling Agency

When applying to a modeling agency, you want to keep in mind that first impressions are everything. Don’t rush your application process, make sure you are as thorough as possible when applying.

First, you are generally required to fill out an application form. Be as honest as possible — don’t try to embellish facts or falsify information. The most crucial aspect of your application is the portfolio photos you submit of your child.

While you don’t always have to submit photos taken by a professional, it’s highly recommended. If you choose to shoot your own photos, keep these tips in mind:

How to Get Your Baby into Modelling
  • Always use a high-quality camera, and not a mobile phone to take photos.
  • Make sure the portfolio of photos is varied — include shots from a variety of angles, i.e. close up, portrait, full-body
  • Keep the background of your photos as minimal as possible — you don’t want to distract from the subject
  • It’s also a good idea to take photos of different facial expressions, if possible

If you plan on editing the photos a little, don’t overdo it! Try to keep your images as close to reality as possible. Once you’ve edited them, print them off in high-quality and add them to a portfolio binder so that you can take them with you to castings.

Windsor Photo Studio Australia

4. Meeting the Agency In-Person

If you don’t hear back from an agency within a few weeks, don’t despair! Some agencies may take longer than others to reach out to you if your application is successful. If they are interested, they will contact you and schedule an in-person meeting.

On the other hand, if you are unsuccessful, don’t let this defeat you. Rejection is a big part of the industry and sometimes your child might not fit a certain agency’s criteria. This is why it’s important to apply to more than one agency — you never know when your child could be a perfect fit.

During your in-person meet-up, also known as a casting, the agency will take a quick look at your child’s behaviour and character. They may also take a few test shots/photos.

After that, they may ask you to sign a contract if you they want to sign your baby. Remember that a legitimate agency will always want to meet with you in person before signing any type of contract.

5. Signing the Agency Contract

Keep in mind that you don’t have to sign an agency contract on-the-spot. You can take it home with you, read through it thoroughly, then make a decision. In fact, it’s always wise to do so when it comes to child modeling.

You want to make sure that the contract is in no way overly demanding of your child. It’s also a good idea to query any aspects that are unclear to you, before signing anything.

You can always have a legal professional look over the document before you sign it to ensure you are 100 percent comfortable with every aspect.

6. Securing Modeling Jobs

It’s important to note that just because you’ve signed your child with an agency, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed every modeling job that is offered. Your agency will get in touch when they believe your baby is suitable for a particular job. But before each job, you will have to interview for it first.

Basically, this is the process of casting for a job. Remember that you might not be the only parent/guardian with a baby that is interviewing for a modeling job, too. Once you have completed the interview process, you should hear back quite quickly if the modeling job is theirs or not!

7. Break Your Child Into the Industry with Bubblegum Casting

If you’re seriously considering child modeling for your little one, Bubblegum Casting is the agency you should turn to for plenty of opportunities for your little one.

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At Bubblegum, we represent some of Australia’s brightest young stars, but even so, we’re always on the lookout for fresh new faces and talent.

If your child is aged anywhere from 3 months to 18 years of age, and you think they might have what it takes to shine in front of a camera or on stage, then we want to hear from you.

We’ll set up a quick informal chat where we’ll get a feel for your child’s suitability for working in the industry.

The lucky kids that make it onto our books benefit from in-house workshops and coaching sessions to help them brush up on their skills. They’ll also get great advice and tips from the Bubblegum team, some of whom have worked as child models and actors themselves! We’ll even arrange a portfolio shoot with our in-house photographer.

We want all the kids on our books to have their chance to shine and if that means working twice as hard to make it happen, then that’s what we’ll do!

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