Baby talent agency

By April 10, 2018Models
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Could your baby be the next big thing?

Lots of parents love the idea of their beautiful baby doing some baby modeling, acting, or TV work. It looks like fun, and the extra dollars earned through working with a baby talent agency can be a big help for the family budget or even put aside for your little star’s education or future.

However, not all baby talent agencies are created equal. And only a very few children have both the temperament and the talent for professional performance. If you are interested in your baby being signed up as baby talent, We’d love to talk to you.


Of course your child’s cute – but are they (and you) ready for the work involved?

With over 30 years of experience Bubblegum Casting is well positioned at helping your beautiful bundle get into the entertainment industry. We make no promises, it’s a hard business and sometimes luck has a lot to do with it. But we know everyone in the industry and have a decades long track record.

If you want to work with the longest running children’s talent agency in Australia contact us.