What to Wear to An Acting Audition

What to Wear to An Acting Audition

What to Wear to An Acting Audition

When your little superstar has an audition, you probably have the date on your calendar long in advance. You’ve run through lines over and over again. You’ve practised with family and friends to make sure you have the scene mastered.

You are as prepared as you can be.

But you might be left wondering what to wear to an acting audition.

While there’s nothing like a great outfit to give you a boost of confidence, the opposite is also true. If you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing, it will show in the audition.

With the right preparation and the right outfit, that dream role could be yours. Read on to find out how to dress for audition day. These important tips to help you pick the perfect audition outfits.

what to wear for a casting call

What to Wear to an Acting Audition

Dressing for auditions can be nerve-wracking. An acting audition wardrobe should look great on camera without distracting from the performance. But at the same time, it needs to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Follow these seven simple guidelines to help you choose an outfit that will look and feel great, helping you to nail your audition.

1. Pick the Right Colour

Picking the right colour is the most important way to make sure that you stand out at an audition. Avoid wearing all black, white or red as they can bleed on camera or cause your face to look too bright or too dark.

Neutral colours will blend in with the crowd. Instead choose bright, solid colours. If your favourite colour is a bright teal, pick that! It will stand out from the others and give you a boost of confidence before your audition.

2. Be Cautious With Pattern

Just as with black, white, and red, certain patterns won’t show up well on camera. Avoid stripes, polka dots, and other standout prints. Stripes that are high contrast, like black and white, can look like they are wavy on camera.

Patterns can also be a distraction. Any pattern that is too bold will steal the show and distract from you when you are the one who should be in the spotlight.

3. Ditch the Logos

Logos are something else that can distract from your performance at an audition. Don’t choose styles that have logos, cartoon characters, or phrases on them.

If a casting director is distracted by attempting to read what’s written on your t-shirt, they won’t be giving your audition the full focus that it deserves. Solid colours are the best choice.

4. Don’t Bother Accessorizing

Accessories should be avoided when you’re dressing for auditions. Don’t wear sunglasses, chunky jewellery, or hats. 

Accessories that you might otherwise show off your personality can become a distraction for casting directors. You are showcasing your natural looks and talent and don’t want anything that might distract anyone from that. 

5. Keep It Natural

You should aim to look natural for an acting audition. You should not attempt to look like someone other than yourself. It’s also important to look age-appropriate.

Younger children should not wear any makeup. Teenager girls might wear some light, natural-looking makeup like clear lip gloss and a small amount of blush. 

You should also avoid wearing something overly formal that will be unnatural for you. A suit and tie is overkill, especially for a younger kid. Stick with clothes that look and feel natural.

6. Don’t Forget the Hairstyle

For the most part, hair should be styled naturally. How you style your hair normally should be how you style your hair for an audition. However, eye contact is crucial during an audition, so tuck your hair behind your ears to keep it out of your eyes.

If you have a fringe that gets in your eyes, a simple hairband or some pins that hold the hair back from your face are recommended. Boys can slick back their hair slightly, but be cautious of over-doing it on the hair products as that will look unnatural and age-inappropriate.

7. Comfort Is Key

Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable in your audition. If your jeans are too tight or you feel self-conscious in the top you’re wearing, it will detract from your audition. 

Stick with clothes that you can move freely in and that make you feel your best. Kids should pick their own outfits, though with some guidelines from their parents to make sure that they pick something that’s appropriate.

what to wear for a casting call

Building An Audition Wardrobe

Once you have found something that works for an audition, you should use that as the foundation for building an audition wardrobe to use in the future.

This way, that next time you are wondering what to wear for a casting call or audition, you will have some go-to options that you know will work.

This also helps to keep your audition clothes from standard wear and tear. Your audition clothes should not have any rips or tears, so setting them aside for use only for auditions can be helpful.

Finding clothes that you feel good in and that fit within the guidelines outlined above can be challenging. So, when you find something that works, you can use it again and again.

Additionally, if you get a callback, you should wear the same clothes you wore in your initial audition. Keep track of what you wore to each audition and once the audition ends, set it aside until a callback or your next audition.

Secure Your Dream Role Every Time

Don’t let picking a wardrobe add any nerves the next time you are prepping for a casting call or audition. No longer do you have to ponder what to wear to an acting audition. Following these simple guidelines, it doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Let your acting do the talking and pick a wardrobe that lets you give your best performance. All that’s left is to secure your dream role each and every time.

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