How to Be a Baby Model: Our Extensive Guide on Baby Modelling

how to be a baby model

How to Be a Baby Model: Our Extensive Guide on Baby Modelling

There’s Lots of Competition

All babies are beautiful, but some babies are more beautiful than others. It’s likely that your baby is the most beautiful baby you have ever seen and other people you know even confirm your sentiment. Furthermore, your baby is so photogenic, it almost seems unfair to keep him or her all to yourself.

Babyhood flies by so fast and you don’t want you and your baby to miss a fantastic opportunity. As you contemplate all the wonderful things about your baby, you can’t help but think about the possibility of baby modelling.

Your baby would be a perfect baby model so why not give baby modelling a try?

There are so many benefits to baby modelling. First of all, it’s a whole lot of fun. Second, your baby will have a chance to get a little bit famous, and an adventure into baby modelling could lead to a career in modelling or acting down the road. Baby modelling also can be a little glamourous and your baby can earn money for his or her future before he or she can even speak.

What are you waiting for? Your baby will grow up fast. Learn everything you need to know about baby modelling right here and get started – before it’s too late.

How to Get Started in Baby Modelling

If you are interested in getting your baby some work as a model, there are a number of steps to take before you can begin accepting jobs. You will need to find a modelling agency that you like and you will need to convince them to take you on as a client. In order to do so, you’ll need to send them some photos and you and your baby will participate in an interview. From there, you can begin to attend auditions in pursuit of modelling jobs.

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Why You Need an Agency

If you are interested in baby modelling, the first thing you will need to do is to find a baby modeling agency to represent him or her.

Many people wish to skip this step and think that they can land a gig for their baby model by sending his or her photos to companies that use babies in their ads. However, doing so is a waste of time. Businesses that offer baby products do not spend time sorting through submitted photos; when they need a baby for an advertisement, they contact an agency to connect them with adorable faces.

Further, agencies are a big help to parents who wish for their child to break into modelling. Agencies have years or even decades of experience working with businesses, parents, and babies. An agency will help you with contracts, etiquette, pay, and expectations, and they will walk you through the process of baby modelling from beginning to end.

How-to-be-a-Baby-Model-Our-Extensive Guide-on-Baby-Modelling

Research Different Agencies

Unfortunately, the modelling industry at all levels is ripe with scam artists, and it’s easy to fall prey to them if you’re not careful. It’s crucial that you spend time researching any modelling agency you are considering to make sure you don’t end up unnecessarily spending money you shouldn’t and to ensure your long-term happiness and the safety of your child.

Fortunately, there are so many ways today to check the legitimacy of a modelling agency. Read reviews online and ask lots of questions. Visit the agencies you are considering, make sure you know what is included and what isn’t, make sure you know what you are paying for . If you know anyone else with babies who work in modelling, ask for recommendations, too.


Submit Some Photos

Once you have found an agency or two that interests you, it’s time to get their attention. The very first step is to submit pictures. You may be tempted to have professional modelling photos taken right at the start, but this can be expensive and it isn’t always necessary.

However, the pictures you do choose to submit are important.

This is an area in which many mistakes are often made. The quality and composition of your photos matters a great deal. Baby photography can be challenging. Some parents dress their babies up in fancy clothing for their initial photoshoot, but outfits obscure the view of your baby and can cause your photos to be passed over without much consideration.

Instead, keep your photos as simple as possible. In fact, a diaper-only photo is often your best bet. Take photos that are close-up to show your baby’s beautiful features and expressions. Avoid hats, sunglasses, or crazy hairstyles and keep your son or daughter’s hair off his or her face.

The cleaner and simpler the background and foreground, the better. Your baby should be the star of the photos and should appear alone in them. You want the spotlight to be on your baby and his or her beauty.

Interviewing With an Agency

Keep in mind that when you apply for representation by a baby modelling agency, you are both being evaluated. Certainly, the agency is meeting your baby first and foremost, but the way you present yourself is also crucial.

Agencies know that working with pushy moms can be a big headache, so try to be as laid-back and patient as possible, and always exude an air of professionalism. Show them that you are interested and committed without exerting any pressure on your interviewer or on other agency staff.

Further, most agencies prefer that only one parent accompanies the baby to the interview and to future auditions and photoshoots. It’s easier to work with one adult than with several.

When you go to the interview, make sure your baby is well-rested, well-fed, and comfortable so he or she can shine. Avoid the use of hair products, encourage big smiles, and make sure your baby is squeaky clean. All of these factors will help your baby to put his or her best foot forward when meeting with the representative from the agency.

Casting Calls

Once you are accepted by a baby modelling agency, your baby model will be called to go out on casting calls. These events can be long and tedious and there will be a lot of competition. You may wait for hours before being seen by a casting agent, and when you finally are seen, it may only be for a minute or two.

No matter how old or young a model may be, this process is the same. You should prepare yourself for a great deal of rejection before your baby ever appears in even a small catalog or advertisement.

Perseverance is key. You and your baby will likely have to go through the casting process time and time again. Many people give up before they land even a single job. However, each casting call is a new learning experience, and you will learn a great deal. In time, you will get some callbacks and you will rejoice, and in time, your baby will be hired for his or her first job.

Be Available

If you want your baby to be successful in modelling, you need to be available at the drop of a hat. Often, callbacks are offered with little warning and you are expected to show up quickly and on time if you want to get the job. Sometimes one particular baby model doesn’t work out and casting agents call their second or third choice. Immediate response is expected and if you decline, you may burn a bridge for the future.


Things to Keep In Mind

Modelling isn’t for everyone and baby modelling certainly isn’t right for every baby. Before you even begin applying to agencies, take some time to really think about whether or not this is the right choice for you, your schedule, and most of all, for your baby. Take a long, hard look at the following factors to determine whether you want to dive into the world of baby modelling before you put too much time and effort into it.

There’s Lots of Competition

Baby modelling is not easy – on your baby and on you. Although your baby won’t know he or she has been rejected, you will, and this can take a toll on your overall happiness and can cause a great deal of stress. There are hundreds of babies trying to break into modelling each and every day and this will be very evident to you when you attend your first casting call.


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Although baby modelling is a great way for any parent to bond with and spend time with a child, if you don’t take rejection well, baby modelling might not be right for you. Remember, your baby can sense your feelings, and thrusting him or her into a world that is wrought with disappointment and frustration may not be conducive to overall happiness for either of you.

Consider Your Child’s Personality

Although all babies are beautiful, not all of them are cut out for modelling. Take time to consider your baby’s personality before diving into the modelling world

Babies are usually on set only for a short time, but noise, lights, heat, and demands can take a toll on an impatient, fussy, or easily distracted child. Simply put, some babies are more sociable than others and enjoy meeting new people; some would rather just spend time one-on-one with mom or dad. Some personalities are just not right for modelling, and that’s okay.

Fun Is Paramount

When it comes to baby or child modelling or acting, the most important thing is that everyone is having a good time. Your baby only recently entered the world. There’s no reason that he or she should ever do anything that feels like work and your baby should always be having fun.

When it comes to babies, you can’t ask them if they are having a good time – you just have to watch them and see. If it seems clear to you at any point during your baby’s modelling career that he or she is not having a blast, then it may be time to call it quits. You baby’s happiness, needs, and safety must come first at all times.

Know Your Limits

The consideration of the fun factor also applies to you. Although your baby will be the model, you will actually be doing the brunt of the work. You will be responding to casting calls, packing up the diaper bag, putting your best foot forward, and waiting in line for hours. All of these things can be exhausting. When you are no longer having a good time and when the process is no longer exciting but has become a chore, it’s time to call it quits.

How Much Money Do Baby Models Make?

It’s also important that you keep your expectations for pay at a reasonable level. We are trained by the media to think of modelling as a glamourous, high-paying job, but in most cases, it doesn’t pay as well as you might imagine. Although babies are paid a fair, hourly wage for their work, most babies only work an hour or two at a time. Unless you get a large number of jobs, the monetary compensation probably isn’t going to add up to much.

Keep your expectations in check and don’t be disappointed when your son or daughter’s savings account doesn’t grow as quickly as you might like. Remember, you didn’t get into modelling for the money, but rather for the exposure, for the experience, and for the love of your beautiful boy or girl.

Good Luck to You and Your Baby Model

Baby modelling can be a lot of fun and can be very rewarding for the right baby model and parent. It’s not as easy as many parents may think at first, but once you and your baby dive in, you may find that you absolutely adore the entire experience from beginning to end. There’s nothing quite like seeing a picture of your baby in a catalog, magazine, newspaper ad, or on a billboard, and when your baby gets older, he or she will likely thank you for these incredible memories.

If you are interested in getting your baby involved in baby modelling, please give us a call. We would love to speak with you and are happy to answer your questions, and would love the opportunity to represent your son or daughter and to help you make him or her a star!

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