How to Find the Best Acting Agencies for Your Child

By April 4, 2020acting

How to Find the Best Acting Agencies for Your Child

How to Find the Best Acting Agencies for Your Child

Does your child dream of being a famous actor one day?


If so, there’s no reason to wait until he or she grows up. Some of the world’s biggest A-listers got their start as child actors—and yours can too!

But before you’ll see your child’s name in lights, you first need to find the right talent agency. There are plenty of acting agencies to choose from, so how can you decide which one is best for your child?

Here are four essential qualities to look for in the best acting and modelling agencies.

A Solid Reputation

It’s true that everyone has to start somewhere, but your best for a kids agency is one that’s been around for a while.

How well-connected is the agency? Can they provide a list of popular companies or organisations where their actors and models have worked? Are they proud to showcase their connections within the entertainment world?

Read testimonials and reviews about the agency. If possible, speak to past or current clients and ask about their experience with the agency. The more good things you hear, the better!

Clear Communication

Reputable child talent agencies will be responsive to all your questions and concerns.

Whether you communicate over the phone or via email, you should receive answers in a timely manner. You shouldn’t have to guess how long it will take to hear back about the application, your child’s portfolio, or other submitted documents.

If you feel like you’re getting the brush-off, don’t ignore that. You want to choose an agency that will treat you and your child with the time and respect you deserve.

Realistic Goals

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Beware of any talent agency who promises your child will become the next Hugh Jackman or Nicole Kidman.

Any agency you choose should offer plenty of opportunities for your child to bloom and—should they desire—pursue a career in acting or modelling. The more avenues available, the better.

Getting started in modelling, for example, could open the door to acting gigs in the future. But be wary of an agency who promises instant success or huge paychecks. Like many things in life, it takes dedication and time to become a successful actor.

School-Work-Life Balance

The best acting agencies will respect the fact that your child is still a child. They’ll understand the need to balance their acting work with school, hobbies, and family life.

It’s vital to keep a balanced view so your child doesn’t become burned out. When you’re considering an agency, ask about how much (if any) school your child might miss.

How much travelling will be involved? What about the holidays? A good agent will be happy to work with you and your child’s schedule, not demand that you conform to theirs.

Australia’s Best Acting Agencies: Final Thoughts

There are loads of child talent agencies out there, but not all of them are created equal.

The best acting agencies are well-established with excellent reputations. They communicate clearly and set realistic goals and expectations for your child. They also understand your child needs plenty of time to devote to school, family, and other important matters.

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