Landing a good kids modelling agency

By April 22, 2018Models

Every parent thinks their child is the cutest and most beautiful, they feel like their kids are perfect examples of who should be to be on TV, and in catalogues. The truth is, no matter how cute your child is, it’s really hard to get traction without a  great kids modelling agency to help them take their career forward.

Here’s some advice on how to get accepted into a kids modelling agency (based on our experience).

Get them photo ready

Surprise, modelling  requires taking photos. Your kids must be friendly with the camera. Before you start sending out applications to agencies get them used to being around cameras. Some children freeze up in front of the camera, so practice taking photos and getting them to ‘freeze’ in a pose, not in fear. This will also help you capture the ideal shots that you will need to send to agencies in order to get your child to the interview stage. All kids modelling agencies will appreciate a model who isn’t a hassle, and more importantly so will the clients.

The shots that you must send to the agency should fulfil certain criteria, child modelling shots are more happy and friendly so don’t worry about too many serious shots, also don’t worry about needing a professional portfolio to get accepted to a child’s agency, most of the time these are irrelevant. This can also be the case for the majority of modelling work itself, usually a good headshot and your measurements is enough to get them interested.

The picture should focus on the child, be well lit, and appropriate.

Don’t have too many expectations

Now, this is the rather hard part. As much as you want your child to instantly become a supermodel it is very unlikely that your child will break into that level of success.

Your child will have to start small. From little local shoots that pay almost nothing to niches that you don’t necessarily love, these are going to be important at the beginning of the career of any model of any age. Don’t hate your agency for bringing you small projects. Instead, be thankful for getting any work at all. Once your child gets experience as well as a professional portfolio of real work, things will get better.

Be ready for rejection

Just as you’re not going to get the best projects at the beginning of your child’s career, they will also  have to face a lot of rejection. Let’s repeat that for dramatic effect, they will also  have to face a lot of rejection. Once again, your agency is not responsible for these rejections. They are only in charge of getting you connected with an interested party. There is a high chance the brand may not consider your kid due to lack of experience, but most often its because they had a specific look they wanted and your child did not fit it. Don’t get personal about rejections like these. Similarly, be ready to be paid the minimum award for a few beginning projects. You will only find and stick with a great agency if you are ready to compromise. If you want your agency to put in extra effort for your child, you should do so for them too.

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