Model Casting and Audition Tips: How Model Castings Work

Model Casting and Audition Tips: How Model Castings Work

Model Casting and Audition Tips: How Model Castings Work

If you want to become a successful model in today’s day and age, not only do you need to learn how to handle rejection but the all-important casting process, too. Both casting and rejection can be taxing, but the reality is that they’re an expected part of the journey. 

How do model castings work, anyway? In a nutshell, a model casting offers a small snippet of how you will perform at the actual job. You only have this small snippet to prove you are the perfect fit. 

If you’re new to the industry and want to learn more about model castings, as well as a few helpful tips, this blog is for you. 

How Do Model Castings Work? 

Before you head to your first casting, you want to have a good idea of how the process works. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

So, what happens at a casting call for models? Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Your first step upon arrival is to fill out a form and provide your agency name and contact information, and your age and sizing 
  • Depending on the type of casting, prepare yourself to be seen alone or in a group of other models 
  • During the actual casting, the directors will ask you a number of questions about yourself — speak up, be friendly, and be confident 
  • Casting directors may ask you to demonstrate your walk, a few different poses, try on different outfits, or take a few candid snapshots 

Once the casting is over, you won’t hear an immediate or direct answer. You’ll have to wait for the casting directors to get in touch with your modelling agent. You can expect one of three outcomes: a rejection, a call to return for a second casting, or you got the job! 

What is a Casting Call for Models

Be Prepared: What To Expect at a Casting Call 

First thing’s first, the world of modelling is rife with competition. So when you arrive at your casting, don’t be surprised to find a handful of other models or even a long queue of other models waiting for their turn to audition.

This means that the more people at the casting, the longer your wait will be. In some cases, you may only have to wait 10-15 minutes before your casting. But in many cases, you could wait up to an hour or more. Always arrive at your casting prepared to pass the time, bring water and snacks with you, too. 

Remember that the casting agents want to meet someone happy, bubbly, and confident — so you can’t let a long wait dampen your mood! 

Once your turn arrives, the casting directors may ask for your portfolio and comp card. Before your casting, you want to make sure your portfolio is up-to-date with a variety of photos showcasing your best work. Your portfolio should include a range of professional photographs of you.

Model Casting Tips To Help You Prepare 

Preparing for model casting is absolutely crucial to how well the casting goes, and ultimately, whether you get the job or not. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

1. Always Read the Casting Brief

Your modelling agent will supply you with a casting brief beforehand. This brief is important because it outlines what the casting directors are looking for and what the casting might entail. For example, if you’re attending a casting for a swimwear shoot, you need to prepare accordingly.

You might want to familiarise yourself with the brand or company the casting is for (if this information is available). It helps to understand the brand’s aesthetic and what they might be looking for. 

You can easily do this by going online and checking out their website and social media sites. Take a mental note of the type of models they’ve used in their previous campaigns and any other detail you could bring up to the casting directors. 

This is a good way to show you’ve done your research while sparking up a conversation about their work. The end goal is to stand out from the rest.  

2. Do Not Arrive With an Entourage 

While castings can be daunting, it’s never a good idea to arrive with a group of friends or family members at your side. However, if you’re under 18-years old, you may bring a parent or guardian with you. 

If you have friends or family that want to support you, ask them to wait for you outside while you complete the casting. You want to portray that you are independent and professional, so showing up on your own is always best.  

3. Dress Appropriately for Each Casting 

No two castings are ever the same — they are always looking for something different. However, you should always dress appropriately for each casting, no matter who the client is: 

  • Minimal, natural makeup 
  • Plain, fitted clothes
  • Keep your fingernails and toenails free from varnish or stick to a neutral colour 

For men, well-fitted jeans and a plain, fitted t-shirt with smart-casual shoes is best. This is a standard type of ”uniform” that you should always wear to each casting, unless, of course, the client requests something specific! So always read the brief. 

 4. Be Confident and Prepared To Take Direction

No matter how nervous you are, no one will be able to tell if you act confident. Ever heard the saying ”fake it til you make it”? This is a good line to remember if you feel like your nerves will get the better of you. Smile, drop your shoulders, and breathe! 

You also want to be prepared to take direction when necessary. As mentioned, this could include demonstrating your walk, striking a few poses, speaking to a camera, etc. Be open to the direction and show your willingness.

 5. Be Punctual and Polite

Manners are never wasted on anyone, not least of which at a model casting. Make sure to always arrive early for a casting by 10-15 minutes, even if you have to wait your turn. And don’t forget your manners at the end of a casting, even if you feel like it didn’t go well. 

Casting Call for Models

Always Dreamed of Becoming a Model?

If you’ve been wondering ”how do model casting work?”, we hope this blog has cleared things up and you now have a better idea of what to expect as a new model. 

If you’re looking for representation by one of Australia’s leading talent agencies, then you’re in the right place. Always had a dream of becoming a successful model? We can help you get there! 

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