How to Become a Teen Model: The Top Tips to Know in 2024

How to Become a Teen Model: The Top Tips to Know

How to Become a Teen Model: The Top Tips to Know

Giving serious thought to pursuing teen modelling as a career? We don’t blame you. We think it’s an excellent choice!

Teen modelling is a fantastic way for teens to make some money as well as make connections. These connections will be crucial if you decide to continue your modelling career into adulthood. If you’re wondering how to become a teen model, look no further. Keep reading for the top tips to know when pursuing a career in teen modelling. 

1. Convince Your Parents

Some parents fully support their children who wish to become a teen model. Others, not so much. Getting your parents’ approval is a crucial step in pursuing a teen modelling career. Even if you are independent and everything a client looks for, they may still require your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission if you are under the age of 18.

This is a step you cannot escape, especially if you are wondering how to become a child model versus a teen model. It’s important you try your hardest to convince your parents and help them understand that teen modelling is your dream.

Some parents are not very open-minded and may object to the idea of their teen pursuing a career in modelling. If that sounds like your parents, start by explaining to them why you want to become a teen model and allow them to voice their concerns.

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Be prepared to clear any of their doubts, so your parents see that you understand what you’re getting into. When they see how informed you are about your decision, it will be easier for them to accept and support your dream.

2. Choose Your Field of Modeling

When people think of teen modelling or modelling in general, the first thing that comes to mind is often runway modelling. The world of modelling is so vast, so there are many diverse options you can pursue in a modelling career.

First, find out which field of modelling suits you best. Investigate as many options as you can, here is a list of examples: 

Runway Modelling — Runway modelling stands out as a glamorous and highly sought-after segment within the Australian modelling industry, especially for teens aspiring to carve a niche in the world of fashion. This facet of modelling involves models taking to the runway to present the latest collections from both high-end designers and commercial brands, embodying the essence of the garments they wear.

Fields of Modelling

For teen models in Australia, the runway can serve as a powerful platform, offering unparalleled exposure and the opportunity to connect with significant names in the fashion industry.

In Australia, teen modelling on the runway is not just about showcasing clothing. It’s a performance art that requires a blend of confidence, poise, and the ability to convey the designer’s vision to the audience.

Teen models learn to communicate non-verbally with potential buyers and fashion aficionados, making the clothes they wear come alive. This aspect of modelling is crucial for brands, as it directly influences the market’s reception of their latest lines.

Commercial Modeling — Commercial modelling in Australia offers a broad and versatile pathway for teen models looking to make an impact beyond the catwalk. This sector of modelling focuses on advertising products directly to consumers, covering a wide range of items such as clothing, accessories, makeup, and swimwear. 

For teen models, commercial modelling presents an opportunity to be the face of brands and campaigns that target the general public, showcasing their ability to connect with and appeal to a diverse audience. It’s a realm where personality and relatability are as crucial as appearance, allowing models to engage with potential customers through print adverts, online content, billboards, and television commercials.

The beauty of commercial modelling lies in its inclusivity and demand for a variety of looks, making it an accessible entry point into the industry for many teens. It’s not just about fitting a specific aesthetic; it’s about embodying the lifestyle and values of the brands they represent. 

commercial modelling

This modelling sector enables teen models in Australia to build a broad portfolio, gain substantial exposure, and work across multiple media platforms. It’s an excellent way for aspiring models to develop their careers, learn about the marketing side of fashion and consumer goods, and potentially transition to other modelling or entertainment opportunities.

Fitness Modeling — In Australia, fitness modelling has carved out a significant niche within the broader modelling industry, providing a unique platform for teenagers who are not just passionate about sports and wellness but also embody the physical attributes of fitness enthusiasts. 

This segment of modelling is highly sought after by brands looking to promote a healthy lifestyle through advertising campaigns, fitness magazines, and sports apparel. For teens with a lean, fit physique or a distinctively athletic build, fitness modelling opens up a realm of opportunities to work with leading sports brands, health and wellness companies, and fitness centres across the country, showcasing the latest in activewear, sports equipment, and health supplements.

The appeal of fitness modelling lies in its inclusivity and the positive message it sends about health and fitness. Unlike traditional modelling paths that often focus on high fashion and runway appearances, fitness modelling places a premium on strength, endurance, and the authentic portrayal of a healthy lifestyle. 

It’s an ideal path for teens in Australia who are not only looking to step into the world of modelling but also wish to inspire their peers to embrace a fit and active lifestyle. With the growing emphasis on wellness and physical fitness in today’s society, teen fitness models can truly resonate with audiences, making it a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career path.

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Parts Modeling — In the diverse world of modelling, parts modelling offers a unique opportunity for individuals to highlight and capitalise on their most striking features. This niche segment focuses on specific body parts, such as hands, feet, legs, or even eyes, to model products that range from hand creams and nail polish to elegant footwear and exquisite timepieces. 

For those who have received compliments on a particular feature, parts modelling in Australia presents a pathway to enter the modelling industry, even if they might not pursue traditional or full-body modelling roles.

leg modelling

Parts modelling is highly specialised, requiring models to maintain their featured body parts in impeccable condition. It’s an excellent option for those looking to model on a part-time basis or to complement other modelling work. 

This field not only demands precision and care in presentation but also offers the chance to work with premium brands and products, often in high-detail photography or advertising campaigns. 

For teens in Australia with distinctive features that meet the industry’s requirements, parts modelling can be a lucrative and intriguing venture, allowing them to contribute to the beauty and precision of product marketing.

Promotional Modeling — Promotional modelling stands out as an engaging and dynamic facet of the modelling industry, perfect for those who thrive on interaction and possess a natural charisma. In Australia, promotional models play a crucial role in marketing campaigns, bringing brands, products, or services directly to consumers. 

This face-to-face approach not only requires a good understanding of the product being promoted but also the ability to engage with potential customers in a way that is both informative and captivating. If you’re someone who loves meeting new people, enjoys being in the spotlight, and can communicate with enthusiasm and authenticity, promotional modelling could be your ideal niche.

This sector offers a variety of opportunities, from representing brands at high-profile events and exhibitions to participating in marketing activations across different locations. It’s an excellent way for extroverted individuals or those with a knack for sales and communication to enter the modelling world. 

Moreover, promotional modelling in Australia can lead to connections within the industry, enhance your portfolio, and provide valuable experiences that contribute to personal and professional growth. For teens eager to explore the vibrant intersection of modelling and marketing, promotional modelling offers a fun and fulfilling path.

3. Do Your Research

If you’re trying to figure out how to become a teen model, congrats on already accomplishing one of the most important steps: doing your research. Becoming a child model or a teen model includes its fair share of challenges along with its rewards.

One of the most crucial teen modelling tips is finding yourself a good modelling agency. Your agency acts as your representative when dealing with potential employers. They will guide you and help you understand the challenges you may face while building your reputation in the field.

They will also work on your behalf to organise contracts and work permits and to make sure that all the conditions and guidelines are met. Your agency also makes sure that you receive the best possible rates of pay. It’s also essential to find an agency with a reputation for looking after its models.

4. Stay Healthy

One of our most essential teen model tips is staying healthy. A health plan is truly inevitable if you wish to pursue a career in the fashion or beauty industry.

Find some time to squeeze in a quick workout. A great and easy way to start is by watching workout videos on Youtube. When it comes to eating healthier, it can be as easy as incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet and limiting your sugar intake. Upping your water intake will also do wonders for your skin!

When you exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, hydrate yourself as much as possible, you will see a healthier, happier, and more energetic you.

create a killer portfolio

5. Create a Killer Portfolio

Stand out to potential clients by having a killer portfolio. Make sure your portfolio includes a variety of shots such as headshots and full-length photos. Be sure to include the three-quarter length and full-length photos of yourself.

Your portfolio should have a good balance of shots done ion location in natural lighting as well as shots done in the studio. A strong headshot is an absolute must!

When it comes to what you wear, keep it simple. Jeans and a t-shirt are okay, and avoid wearing long dresses or skirts. Don’t distract or cover up what the agents are trying to see: you, the model. There’s a famous saying in the modelling world, “The clothing shouldn’t wear the model, the model should wear the clothing”.

6. Securing Modeling Jobs

It’s important to note that just because you’ve signed your child with an agency, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed every modeling job that is offered. Your agency will get in touch when they believe your baby is suitable for a particular job. But before each job, you will have to interview for it first.

Basically, this is the process of casting for a job. Remember that you might not be the only parent/guardian with a baby that is interviewing for a modeling job, too. Once you have completed the interview process, you should hear back quite quickly if the modeling job is theirs or not!

How to Become a Teen Model

We hope you found our brief guide on how to become a teen model helpful! The teen modelling industry is a thriving one, so if you’ve been wondering if you should pursue a career in teen modelling, the answer is yes.

Do you think you have the motivation to work hard at teen modelling? Are you ready to take the next step? If so, we at Bubblegum Casting would really love to hear from you! Fill out our application form and get started now!

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