What is a Model Casting? What Should I Wear?

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It’s every kid’s dream, and for a lucky few, it becomes a reality. After all, Miranda Kerr got started as a teen model.

You got the call you were dreaming about, and now everything is happening at once. You don’t know what happens at a model casting.

Worse than that, you’re asking yourself questions like “What is a model casting?” and “What should I wear?” Don’t worry; you’re not alone. These are frequently asked questions!

We’ll give you all the tips and information you need to be confident and have a great time.

What Is a Model Casting?

A model casting is just the process of selecting models for a particular job. It’s pretty similar in some ways to the selection process for actors.

Usually, you’ll be part of a larger group to meet casting directors, booking agents, and other interested parties. Your casting may be done one-on-one – that’s nothing to be worried about, you can have representation with you, and if you’re under 18, you can bring your parent or guardian with you.

What Is a Casting Call For Models All About?

So now you know a little bit about what a model casting is, it’s time to learn what it’s all about. Very simply, advertisers, commercial firms, or anyone who needs a model puts out a “casting call” with specifications that might include age, height, gender, or any number of other requirements.

The client’s aim is to find talent that will represent them for a campaign, series of adverts or other creative items. Ultimately, a casting call is all about the clients.

What Happens at a Model Casting

Fortunately, there’s a lot of transparency about Model Casting calls these days. Contrary to what people typically expect, they’re not all about having your picture taken. You indeed need to have the right aesthetic for the job, but you also need to be smart and have some idea about the business you’re getting into.

Come prepared for a wait – it often takes time to go through everything that’s going to happen and get everyone signed in. Then, when it’s your turn, you’ll be asked to do your poses, and if you’re booking for an ad, you might have to read for the part or do dialogue.

What to Expect at a Casting Call

There’s a lot of competition in kids modeling and teen casting. So you’re likely to come across a lot of people auditioning for the same parts.

You should be prepared to see a lot of very different people. Casting calls are usually quite open, which means that many other people will show up. In addition, there’s no such thing as “too old,” so be prepared to see a wide variety in baby and kids modeling.

Though you might be asked to audition for many different parts at a single casting session, it’s not terribly common. If you’re worried about fitting the casting call, find a crew member or an assistant to talk to.

You may also be asked to audition for jobs that you didn’t directly apply for. You are free to refuse an audition, of course, but consider carefully before you do.

How Do Model Castings Work?

First, you’ll fill out the paperwork. This can be tedious, but it’s absolutely crucial to protect you, your agency, and the casting crew.

You may be asked to wait in a group of similar models until it’s your turn. Use this time to observe and see how the process works for other models. Whatever you do, don’t show your impatience or irritation. The casting crew is looking for people with a good attitude.

Once it’s your turn, you’ll be asked to move for the directors and crew. This might mean walking from one place to another, doing some poses, or taking candid photos.

Once you’ve had casting, it’s time to relax. There’s nothing you can do to change how it went; just enjoy the fact that you did it! You won’t hear back immediately but should know within a day or two what the outcome was.

There are only three possible answers that you’ll get – a rejection (try again later, don’t give up!), a callback, or a job offer.

What to Wear

What you’re wearing when you’re going for a call is the single most crucial factor. It’s how you’ll make your first impression, and it’s how you’ll people will perceive you for the rest of the casting call.

Simple Is the Key

Simplicity can be striking. Nothing says confidence more than pulling off a simple outfit that makes you look stunning. Of course, you’ll want to avoid anything distracting as that will pull the eye away from you. You’re not here to advertise the clothes you’re wearing, after all.

Details Are Important

Paying attention to minor details about your appearance is a solid base for your future modeling career. For example, check your nails for any blemishes, cracks, or peeling nail polish. Also, make sure that if you’re wearing earrings, they’re understated and simple.

Your attention to detail doesn’t only show that you care about your appearance. It also gives the casting crew confidence that you can think in a detail-oriented way that will help later when the modeling gigs get tougher.

Talk With Your Feet

Wear heels. Heels elevate you, make you seem taller. You will have noticed that the trend for models is for them to be taller than average. That’s not a mistake; it’s a deliberate choice for most casting directors.

Of course, if you’re not comfortable in heels, don’t wear them to a casting call. If you’re relatively new to heels, practice in them for a few days before the actual casting call.

Clothing to Avoid

Modeling is difficult because a lot of what’s required of you might seem contradictory. Stand out! Don’t stand out too much! If you look closely, though, you’ll see that it all makes sense.

Consider that a designer is thinking about a project and wants to find a model that fits. Making yourself stand out too much means designers may struggle to fit you into what they expect.

So ditch the big necklace, loud shirt, and bold patterns. They make you stand out in the wrong way at a modeling casting call.

Final Tips

Now that you know what to expect at a casting call for a model, there are just a few more tips we can give you, and you’ll be ready for your first casting call.

Arrive before the time. There are probably many people trying to get the same job as you. Make an excellent first impression, and they’ll remember you.

As we said above, your clothes should be simple, functional, and form-fitting. Dark, fitted jeans and a simple t-shirt work well.

Don’t wear make-up. Casting directors are looking for your natural look. They have access to all kinds of makeup artists, and if they want a particular look, it’s much easier to work on a clean slate.

Now, when your friends ask, “What is a model casting?” you can answer with confidence, so submit your application today, and remember, have fun!

Protip: Check out our Introduction to Modelling Handbook!

Child Acting and Modelling in a Post-Pandemic World

When it comes to child acting and child modelling, much has changed in the post-pandemic world. Auditions now take place via Zoom or self-tapes, and photoshoots come with restrictions on how many people can be in attendance.

Here’s a full breakdown of state and territory government information

While virtual formats don’t allow you to enjoy a one-on-one session with a casting director, they do come with distinct advantages.

Self-tapes, in particular, allow you to take control of the audition. You can do another take when your child flubs heir lines, and you can adjust lighting and backdrops to showcase your child’s appearance and talents.

When you work with a professional editing company, you can take audition videos to the next level, putting your little star’s best foot forward. 

Launching Your Child’s Career

What’s the next step if you’re interested in launching your child’s career? It starts with finding the right agent to help you navigate the competitive waters of child acting and child modelling. 

Adam Jacobs, the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, is here to help. Bubblegum Casting represents the longest-running agency specialising in babies, children, and teen talent in Australia. 

Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties, and agencies to secure talented children to work in television, film and modelling roles. Apply now to jumpstart your child’s career.

8. Learn With Your Child

Don’t be afraid to step into the work with your child. Arguably, one of the best parts of being a parent is that your child pulls you into interests and hobbies that you’d never stepped into before or haven’t stepped into in a while. It’s a youthful feeling.

By working with your child on their lines, you’re showing them that you’re in full support of everything that they’re doing. If you learn another character’s lines, you’ll be able to (1) help your child learn their lines more effectively and (2) show that you’re fully invested in the interests that your child is pursuing.

Plus, researchers have found that memorising information – even at older ages – stimulates your brain. You can alter your brain’s neural pathways and improve your brain’s ability to store new knowledge.

There’s nothing bad that can come out of practising with your child. So, next time that they’re working on memorising lines, try to jump into the activity with them.

Your child may know some ways to memorise lines that you’ve never thought about before. These skills can help you memorise other things in life as well.

Taking this time with your child advances their career and helps you with your memory. It’s a winning situation all around.

From Aspiring Youths to Successful Child Actors

We hope that all of these tips on how to help your child with lines and script memorisation will put your child on the road to success. Especially when your child is just starting out, it’s difficult to balance everything. But, there is a way to find the groove.

When it comes to child acting, all your child needs is perseverance. With you by their side, they’ve got everything they need to succeed and become one of the many successful child actors.

Don’t forget to come to our team here at Bubblegum Casting to get your child on the road to more acting opportunities.

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About the Author

Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest-running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia's biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

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